Newport Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Newport Wesleyan Methodist Chapel,
Upper Bar

The Wesleyan Methodists held meetings in Newport in the late 18th century & in the early decades of the 19th century were meeting at the house of Josiah Clowes. In 1829 they converted a former theatre in Upper Bar into a chapel, at a total cost of 804. It held it's first service there on Sunday 6th December 1829. It was described as 60 ft long and 30 ft wide, and had a gallery at one end. In 1851 the chapel had seating for 210 people. On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 there were 22 worshippers at their morning service and 50 at their evening one. 40 children attended the Sunday School in the afternoon. By 1862 the trustees were looking for a site for a new chapel, but it was not until 1876-7 that a new chapel was built. By then the chapel in Upper Bar was said to be "old, decayed and not at all equal to the requirements of the town", & with a "gallery which is useless". By 2002 the chapel had been converted into a tile shop. The ground floor frontage has been totally replaced but the upper floor frontage is still recognisable as that of a chapel.

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