[former] [former] "Bethesda" United Methodist Free Church, Station Road, Oakengates
On Monday 10 June 1862 the foundation stone of a chapel in Station Road was laid, near to the Great Western Railway station. The chapel was opened on 12th April 1863. It was built of blue and white bricks by Messrs Millington & Son of Oakengates. It was described at the time as having an "imposing appearance". The chapel was designed to hold 300 worshippers, and there was a lecture hall/vestry room behind the podium which had folding doors connecting it to the chapel, so that if the chapel was overcrowded, they could be opened. On the 24th April 1864 they held their first anniversary sermons in the chapel & raised £26 towards liquidating the chapel debt. In 1878 the chapel was sold to the Wesleyan Methodists, possibly on account of the area being industrial, and very close to the railway. Grid ref: SJ 69739 10690.
The United Methodist Free church had a chapel in New Street, Oakengates (about a mile distant to the NE from "Bethesda") marked on the Ordnance Survey maps from 1880 to 1938, which was probably their successor.
Grid ref: SJ 70288 10958

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