Oswestry United Methodist Free chapel United Methodist Free Chapel, Oswestry
The United Methodist Free Church opened a new preaching room and Sunday School in Gibraltar Place, Church Street, on the 1st June 1866. In 1868 they built an "iron tabernacle" in Castle Street which was opened on the 12th July. It was described at the time as a neat structure, lined with varnished wood, which seated 150 worshippers and cost 135. In 1870 they held a special service to celebrate their purchase of a new harmonium. The 1873-4 O.S. map shows their chapel was on the south side of Castle Street, opposite Cripplegate. They were still meeting there in 1877, when they had only 24 members, but a different building on the same site was only described as a "mission room" in 1900 & 1924.

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