[former] English Baptist chapel, Oswestry
[former] English Baptist Chapel, Salop Road, Oswestry
This large building (built at a cost of nearly 4000) has an imposing stone front and tower but brick sides and back. Its foundation stone was laid on 14 June 1891 and it opened on 6 March 1892. It had space for 500 worshippers, and had 3 vestries at the rear. It replaced the old Baptist chapel on English Walls. There is unfortunately no commemorative stone on this building. The last service held there was on 5 November 1995. The congregation then met in temporary accommodation "Graylands" in Weston Avenue & when this became too small, they purchased a warehouse & renovated it. The new building, called "Cornerstones", situated at the corner of Lower Brook Street and Roft Street, was opened on 8 June 2002.

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