[former] the Old Chapel (Independent), Oswestry
[former] The Old Chapel (Independent), Arthur Street, Oswestry

This chapel was built in 1830, and replaced a chapel which was originally built in 1750 on the same site, which opened in July of that year. It was enlarged in 1783, a gallery added in in 1794 and enlarged again in 1808. In 1851 the 1830 chapel had seating for 700 worshippers. On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 there were 270 worshippers at their morning service and 292 at their evening one. The pews were arranged in a semi-circle, and there was a gallery. For a drawing of the chapel made c. 1850, click here.This chapel was itself replaced by a new chapel (called Christ Church) on a better site in 1872. This photograph was taken at the end of the 19th century. For a modern photograph (2003) click here.

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