Oswestry Primitive Methodist chapel Primitive Methodist Chapel, Oswestry
Situated at the corner of Castle Street and Chapel Street, this chapel's foundation stone was laid on 16 June 1898 & the chapel opened in March 1899. It was built by J. D. Mould of Manchester. It replaced Oswestry's previous Primitive Methodist chapel, called "Ebenezer", which was built on the same site in 1840. The present chapel (seating 430 people) with its adjoining Sunday Schools (which were built in 1890) cost a total of 3548. The chapel is still in use (but under repair in 2003!) in 2016. There is an excellent sepia photograph of the chapel being built in 1898-9 in the Shropshire Magazine, October 2006, page 47. For a recent view of the chapel minus its scaffolding, click here.

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