[former] United  Methodist Free Church, Preesgweene [former] United Methodist Free Church, Preesgweene, St. Martin's parish
There was an established congregation belonging to the United Methodist Free Church here by May 1864. It seems likely that it was an amalgamation of two local congregations, the Wesleyan Methodist Association and the Wesleyan Methodist Reformers, the former of the two was meeting in the locality of Weston Rhyn and built a chapel in 1838. In 1851 they had 69 worshippers at their afternoon service on Census Sunday and 83 at their evening service. The Reformers had had a small meeting since 1843 in Weston Rhyn and had only 18 & 20 at their two Sunday services in 1851. The United Methodist Free Church was still meeting in Preesgweene in 1899, but its subsequent history is not known yet. The chapel was located just to the south of the Plough Inn.
Grid ref: SJ 291360

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