Preeshenlle Congregational (now United Reformed) Chapel Preeshenlle Congregational (now United Reformed Church) Chapel
This chapel, with its own burial ground surrounding it, has other buildings joining it at the back. It was built in 1862-3 at a cost of more than 500, to commemorate the Act of Uniformity of 1662 . The foundation stone was laid by Thomas Barnes of the Quinta, and subsequently the chapel was opened on the 8th June 1863. It had seating for 200 people. There was a schoolroom built underneath the chapel. The building was registered for the solemnization of marriages in 1869. In the 1890s a new wall was built around an enlarged burial ground and a new classroom and vestry were built. The chapel was still in use as a chapel in 2018 having joined the United Reformed Church. It replaced a small chapel built in 1831 and opened in 1832.
Grid ref: SJ 304340.

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