[former] Zion Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Priest Weston
[former] Zion Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Priest Weston
This chapel was built in 1845-6 & described in 1851 as 'small'. In the 1851 Religious Census there were reported to be 120 sittings for the worshippers, and there was an attendance of 80 worshippers at their afternoon service and 50 at their evening one. In December 1894 it was reported that the chapel had recently undergone extensive alterations. It had been enlarged, reseated & provided with a new floor and roof. The work was undertaken by Messrs Jones & Evans of Montgomery, at cost of £240. The re-opening services took place on Thursday 6th December & continued on the 7th & 9th. In December 1910 a committee of the Montgomery and Salop Presbytery was appointed to inspect the site as it was proposed to build a new schoolroom at the chapel. The chapel was still in use in 1949 but has since closed. It has now been converted to a pottery but is still recognisable as a former chapel despite the modern porch and balcony. There is a plaque on the front gable which says "Erected 1846 Enlarged 1894".
Grid ref: SO 291974

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