[former] Quina Brook Primitive Methodist Chapel [former] Quina Brook Primitive Methodist Chapel
There was a small congregation of Primitive Methodists (established by 1824) meeting in Quina Brook at the time of the 1851 Religious Census. They met in part of a dwelling house, and on census Sunday they had 33 worshippers at their evening service. On 23 June 1868 a chapel and adjoining house in Quina Brook were sold by auction in Wem. It would seem that it was the former chapel of the Quina Brook Congregationalists and it is likely that the Primitive Methodists bought it for their first chapel. It is marked as a Primitive Methodist Chapel on the Ordnance Survey maps of 1880 and 1899. In 1904 it was described as "recently renovated" & a fund was started to build a new chapel in the village. It has now been converted to residential use.
Grid ref: SJ 523328
The chapel in this photograph is the Primitive Methodist chapel built in 1914 on a different site in Quina Brook to replace their old chapel. There are many foundation stones set into the walls, but only one of them is dated, & that gives the date as 24 June 1914. It was registered for solemnising marriages on 24th February 1922. The chapel closed sometime in the late 20th century and its registration for solemnising marriages was cancelled on 6th September 2016 & its registration for religious worship was cancelled in March 2016. The building is now converted to residential use.
Grid ref: SJ 523330

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