Shrewsbury Baptist Chapel, Wyle CopShrewsbury
Shrewsbury Baptist Chapel, Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury
A congregation of Baptists from Coleham (established in 1858-9) managed to obtain a site for a chapel at the bottom of Wyle Cop. They bought the "Spread Eagle" Inn for 780 in 1863 and built a chapel behind the buildings fronting the street. It was 53' long x 45' wide, built of polychrome brick and had a large round-headed door and windows at the front. In due course, it was intended to erect galleries and also extend the front of the building to the street, but this was not accomplished. By 1886 the chapel was empty. It was used temporarily by the Salvation Army, then became a warehouse and is now an antiques emporium.

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Photograph Peter Criddle.

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