Shrewsbury Baptist Church, formerly known as Claremont Baptist Chapel, Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury Baptist Church formerly known as Claremont Baptist Chapel, Shrewsbury
This chapel, designed by Richard Owen of Liverpool a noted chapel designer of his day, was built in 1877-8, to replace the former chapel [built in 1780, & enlarged in 1810 at a cost of about 1400] which was old and too small for the congregation and by 1877 was said to be in a dilapidated condition. The old chapel was demolished and the new one erected at a cost of 2,500, which opened in June 1878. The chapel (in the photograph) is still (in 2017) in regular use, and is an amalgamation of the old Claremont Baptist Church and Crowmoor Baptist Church. For a view of the interior of the chapel as it was in the 1990s, click here For views of the two date stones click here.
For a rough sketch of the original Baptist Chapel in Claremont Street, click here.

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