[former] Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Hills Lane, Shrewsbury [former] Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Hills Lane, Shrewsbury
This church was officially formed in 1801 and in 1802 the congregation rented an upper room in the High Street for 2 guineas a year. In 1805 they rented the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Hills Lane for 10 guineas a year. In 1826 it was described as "inadequate" so it was demolished and a new one, built of brick, was erected on the same site, which opened on 25th December of that year. In the 1851 Religious Census it was reported that there were sittings for about 300 worshippers. On Census Sunday there were 112 worshippers at their morning service and 156 at their evening one, plus 128 Sunday scholars in the afternoon. The town council had plans in 1863 to redevelop the whole area & the chapel trustees were prepared to sell the chapel & its fittings & site for £2500. However, the chapel was not rebuilt until 1870. Tenders were invited in October 1869 by the architect Richard Owens of Liverpool. It was rebuilt at a cost of £882. The chapel held its re-opening services on Sunday and Monday 17th & 18th July 1870. This is the chapel in the rought sketch. The building was demolished in 1931-2 as part of the clearance of the area. The members then transferred their membership to St. David's Presbyterian Church of Wales, Belmont.
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