[former] Tabernacle Welsh Independent Chapel, Dogpole, Shrewsbury
[former] Tabernacle Welsh Independent Chapel, Dogpole, Shrewsbury
A congregation of Welsh Independents was formed and held their first meeting in a room in Howard Street on 24th July 1842. In 1845 they built a chapel, called the Jerusalem Chapel in Seventy Steps, Pride Hill, at a cost of 800, which opened on 25th December 1845. By September 1846 the debt on the chapel had been reduced to 450 and by February 1853 it was down to 350. After the Jerusalem Chapel ceased to be used for religious purposes in 1862, it was used as a warehouse. The building was demolished in the 20th century. A site in Dogpole was bought in early 1860 and in 1862 a new chapel, the Tabernacle, was built, as a memorial to the 1662 ejection of the puritan clergy from their livings by the Act of Uniformity. The new chapel in Dogpole, which cost 1821, seated about 400 worshippers, and was designed by the Revd. Thomas Thomas of Swansea, a noted chapel architect, and built by Mr Treasure. It held its first services on 27th April 1862. The chapel was free of debt by 1880 & it was renovated in 1888. The Tabernacle was sold in the early 1970s & de-registered as a place of worship in March 1980 & is now used for commercial purposes. After 1972 the congregation used Swan Hill Congregational chapel for its services, but this had ceased by 2016.
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