[former] Wesleyan Methodist Reformers Chapel, Shrewsbury
The [former] Wesleyan Methodist Reformers Chapel, Beacalls Lane, Castle Fields, Shrewsbury
A congregation of Wesleyan Methodist Reformers was established in Shrewsbury in 1850, and held its first meeting on 1st December of that year. They met in an upper room in the Linen Manufactory in Severn Street, Castle Fields. On Census sunday 1851 they had 53 worshippers at their morning service and 100 at their evening one. There were also 30 Sunday School children meeting in the morning. In 1853 a polychrome brick chapel was built nearby on the corner of Beacalls Lane and Albert Street. During the early part of the 20th century the congregation declined in numbers, and by the late 1930s had closed. The building was sold in 1940, and the remaining members joined the Castle Fields Methodist Church. The chapel has been converted to residential use in recent years.
The round commemorative stone in the pediment contains an inscription "Methodist Free Church 1853".

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