Swan Hill Congregational Chapel, Shrewsbury
Swan Hill Congregational Chapel, Shrewsbury
From at least 1672 until 1741 the Independent Church in Shrewsbury met in a building in the King's Head Shutt in the High Street. The church ceased to exist in 1741 when the members joined with the Presbyterian Church in the High Street. However in 1766 a doctrinal split occurred in this joint congregation, and an Independent Church was re-established. They built a chapel on Swan Hill in 1767. This remained their meeting place until it was demolished in 1867 for the building of the present chapel in 1868. The new chapel, built at a cost of about 1,600, was designed by George Bidlake of Wolverhampton in the gothic style. The building was used until 2016 as a Congregational Chapel, as the congregation decided not to join with the United Reformed Church in 1975. The church closed in 2016 due to a lack of members and the building was put up for sale. For views of the interior of the church when it had closed click here It has now (2017) been reported that it has been sold.
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