[former] Independent Chapel,Castle Gates, Shrewsbury [former] Independent Chapel, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury
In 1843 56 members of Swan Hill Congregational Chapel resigned their membership and vowed to build themselves a new chapel on the other side of town. On 25th June 1844 the foundation stone of this chapel was laid and it was officially opened on the 4th March 1845. It measured 50 ft x 41 and cost 3,000 to build. It had a capacity of 572 sittings. On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 they had 264 worshippers at their morning service and 406 at their evening one, plus 100 Sunday scholars in the morning. As the chapel was on a very restricted site, it was decided to build a new more spacious chapel on Coton Hill in 1908-9. The chapel was subsequently used for commercial purposes, including a cinema, and is now shop premises. The facade has been considerably altered, but the inscription on the parapet is still extant.

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