[former] Waxhill Barracks United Methodist Free Chapel Chapel
[former] United Methodist Free Chapel, Waxhill Barracks
This chapel, which was situated just to the east of the Waxhill Barracks Colliery, was built c. 1862 & continued in use until c. 1891 when on the 7th April of that year the chapel and school were assigned to the Lilleshall Company, and the chapel afterwards ceased to be used for religious worship. The chapel was de-registered as a place of worship in 1896. The small terraced houses which formed the "Barracks" nearby which were lived in by the colliery workers and their families, were subsequently demolished. The chapel building appears on the 1901 O.S. map but it is not marked as a chapel.
The whole area has been rebuilt in the 20th century and the exact site cannot be identified for grid reference purposes.

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