[former] Congregational Chapel, Tan Bank, Wellington
[former] Independent (Congregational) Chapel, Tan Bank, Wellington
The Independent congregation in Wellington was founded in 1818. They built this large chapel (to hold 350 worshippers) in 1825 with financial assistance from the publisher F. Houlston & Son, which opened on the 6th December 1825. A gallery was erected in 1841. In 1851 The chapel had seating for 286 plus free benches for about 100 worshippers. On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 there were 98 worshippers at their morning service and 120 at their evening one. There were also 90 children at their Sunday School in the morning and afternoon. However, the congregation was not large enough or strong enough to sustain the chapel, and it was eventually closed and sold c.1880. The building was subsequently used for commercial purposes. The Independent cause was revived in 1898 and a new chapel was built on Constitution Hill in 1900. In 1920 this congregation was joined by the Baptists from King Street, and the chapel was then registered as a Union Free Church.

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