[former] Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Wellington
[former] Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, at the corner of High Street and St. John Street, Wellington
This chapel was built in 1835-6 & opened on 1st April 1836, as a "more commodious and more eligibly-situated chapel" was wanted. The site cost 200 and the building cost 1,300. It replaced the previous one in Chapel Lane which had been built in 1820 (which was itself a replacement for an earlier meeting place which was probably the chapel licensed at the county quarter sessions on 25th April 1797 for a society which had been formed in 1794) and which was sold in 1836 for 320 & taken down by 1851. In 1851 the chapel had seating for 520 worshippers, and galleries on three sides, plus a small organ (in March 1851 they installed a "good organ"). On Census Sunday 30 March 1851 they had 277 worshippers at their morning service and 251 at their evening one. In addition they had 142 children at their Sunday School in the morning. In 1862 they amalgamated the Sunday School into the chapel, thereby increasing the capacity by 150 sittings (mostly free, for the poor), and built a new Sunday School. The project was partly financed by two gentlemen who offered to subscribe half of the sum required. The chapel re-opened on the 17th August 1862. In 1866 galleries were installed in the chapel, increasing the capacity to 560 worshippers. In its turn this new chapel was replaced in 1883 by another new chapel built farther west along New Street.q.v. The 1836 chapel was retained by the Wesleyan Methodists and used as a Sunday school and lecture hall until the building was sold in 1916.
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