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LAST UPDATED 31-08-2015


    After the last season we finally decided the time had come to sell up. After 37 years it is quite a wrench and we will miss all of you who we have met through this venture. We thank you for supporting us with such enthusiasm as valued customers, as hard workers, as advisors and colleagues and as great friends. We could not have done it without you.
  • Sadly this means there will be no more fruit - the new owners are not continuing with fruit growing so the farm shop will be closed. There will be no more Apple Days - and thanks again for all who made these such a success. I will not be running pruning courses. Farmers' Markets will continue to thrive but we will not be there with our fruit - you will see us as customers instead.


    I will continue to give talks about the history of apples, apple varieties, the apple industry and our own experiences as apple growers. Specialist talks on pruning fruit trees can also be arranged.
    For talks already arranged do not worry I will be able to attend as agreed and will be in touch with you over the coming weeks.


    (The old email: will continue to work until February 2016).