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There are, of course, numerous car insurance companies you could choose for your UK car insurance, but the best thing about choosing AA for your car insurance is that AA do the hard work for you, by searching dozens of other insurance providers, and then providing you with the best possible quote.

Additionally, you know that with the AA, you're not only getting a good price for your insurance, but also a number of excellent benefits, which you'll likely not find with many other motor insurance companies, including discounts on AA Breakdown Service.

Today the AA is, in many ways, the same motoring organisation that motorists have trusted since 1905. With millions of members AA is by far the largest UK motoring organisation with some 3,300 highly trained patrols.

The principle difference these days is that AA now provide services not only to get you safely from A to B, but also to help organise your finances and even buy a new or second-hand car. The AA really can offer you everything you need.

With AA Car Insurance you'll discover just how much better car insurance can be, with lots of benefits that are just not offered by many other car insurance companies. With AA you can also get your money back if you find a cheaper car insurance policy within 21 days of purchasing your AA car insurance policy.

With AA breakdown cover you purchase only the coverage that suits you best, without wasting money on expensive options that you'll never use. Choose from different plans that include:
  • AA Roadside - Help more than a quarter mile from your home. If your car can't be fixed by the road, AA take you and your car home or to the nearest garage (whichever is nearer at the time), and AA provide you with a courtesy car for 24 hours.
  • AA Relay - If AA can't arrange a prompt repair, AA transport you, your car and up to seven passengers home, or to any mainland UK destination.
  • AA Home Start - Assistance at home, or within a quarter mile of it.
  • AA Relay Plus - If you're away from home, AA provide a replacement car for up to 48 hours, or overnight accommodation, or onward travel if a local repair isn't possible.

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