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Our Officers

The Elmbridge and Runnymede Talking Newspaper (EaRTN) is staffed and organised by a team of volunteers. The Committee meet about four times a year to agree strategy, while the Production Working Group, chaired by the Editor, is the principle driver behind the production of EaRTN's output. Following the AGM held in March 2009 our Committtee members are:

Chairman - Chris Gilroy

Christopher has lived in Cobham for about 45 years. He lost his sight in the mid 1970s due to a disease and is now totally blind, but was able to continue to work as a financial advisor due to the kindness of his boss, who found a way to accommodate his needs.

He has had guide dogs for 25 years his current dog, Lisa, is a beautiful golden Labrador

Christopher has been receiving the Elmbridge and Runnymede Talking Newspaper since 1993 and found it to be an excellent way to access local information.

He joined the committee in 1999, becoming Chairman in 2007.

Picture of Chairman Chris Gilroy

Secretary - Jackie Scobling

Jackie ScoblingI joined EaRTN in April 2009 and was pleased to offer her secretarial skills to its Executive Committee. Jackie's other duties include working in the Registry and Editing Sections.


Treasurer - Graham Parker

Graham is a retired Chartered Accountant.  He qualified with a firm in the City and then worked for some years in various commercial organizations.  For the last twenty-one years before retiring he was a lecturer in the Business School of Kingston University.  He likes to put his professional knowledge to good use, and is Treasurer of a local arts society as well as the Newspaper. He lives near Hampton Court and is married with three grown-up children.  He and his wife are enjoying retirement,  go travelling frequently and are frequent theatre goers. 

Graham Parker

Listeners' Representative - Margaret Boulter

A resident of the Borough for over 60 years, is the listeners' representative and hopes to bring their point of view to the Committee. She is interested in local affairs and appreciates hearing of forthcoming events and particularly about audio description at theatres and cinemas through the Talking Newspaper.

Picture of Listeners' representative Margaret Boulter

Editor - Chris Florence

Chris Florence, who joined the talking newspaper as a reader more than ten years ago, has been editor since January 2011. He took over the role after retiring from a 35-year career with the BBC. Most of his time had been with BBC Sport working for the World Service. Apart from enjoying most sports, his other interests include travelling, antiques, reading and learning more about gardening.

Chris Florence

Public Relations Officer - Anne Prevost

Married, with a grown up family, Anne has lived in Weybridge for over 24 years. As a linguist, she has worked both commercially and in education. Her voluntary worked has included secretary and press officer for several organisations.

She has been the Public Relations Officer for the Talking Newspaper since 1998.

Picture of PR Officer Anne Prevost
In addition a representative from each of the newspaper's four sponsoring Rotary Clubs is a member of the EaRTN's Committee.