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What EaRTN Offers

The Elmbridge and Runnymede Talking Newspaper Association (EaRTN) is a free service providing recorded digests of local newspapers as well as other topics of interest on audio cassette for visually impaired people or those who are unable to read for themselves. Currently more than 200 people receive EaRTN. The annual circulation of our 90 minute audiocassettes is more than 15,000 copies. The cassettes arrive each week by post on Saturday, in a special plastic pouch and when finished with, are returned free of charge through the nearest letterbox.

Weekly Tapes

The EaRTN produces two weekly tapes:

  • the Weekly News digest, taken from the various editions of Surrey Herald and News and Mail groups of newspapers in Elmbridge and Runnymede. More details of the contents of the weekly news tape is given on our Script writing page; and
  • a digest of the The Woman’s Weekly magazine which is sent only to those who have specifically requested to receive it

Monthly Tape

The EaRTN Monthly Magazine tape contains items of general interest rather than local news. The December issue normally has a special seasonal flavour. You can download example mp3 files from the February 2006 Monthly Magazine from here

Welcome Tape

When a new listener starts our service, they receive a fifteen minute "Welcome Tape" which describes how our services work and what they can expect. You can download an mp3 version of this tape from here

How to Receive our Tapes

If you would like to receive any of our our tapes then see our Become a Listener page