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August 2007

I've been seriously interested in photography since the mid-1950s when I was in the 3rd. and 4th. forms at school, and bought my first camera with proper apertures, shutter and focusing lens. It was a 12 on 120 Dacora folder with an f5.6 Subita lens, and a Vario shutter. I was interested in Science, was in the Science stream, and with luck I was able to clear the homework on two nights a week quite quickly, and so was able to offer a D&P service to my class mates. This was to be the only time that I've made any money out of my hobby. National Service in the RAF soon followed and in Germany I bought my first 35mm SLR, a Contaflex 1. I've written about my time in Germany here and in this reference.


Subject Done?
Education i/p
Work i/p
Stone Circles i/p
Surveying i/p
Surveying Instruments i/p
Astronomy - washing a mirror i/p
Cameras ns
Lenses ns
E6 slide Processing ns
Home town - Milton Keynes ns
Cheadle Congregational Church (Cheshire) Yes
Photographs Cont'd
Sound recording i/p