Mark Gould


I am many things, as the title shows.

I currently work at Bournemouth and Poole College of FE, helping with internal Data Management, and internal data web pages. Prior to that I worked at Astrium, a space company specialising in satellite payloads and ground systems as a Systems Engineer.

I started writing music at age 12, and have had some performances of my work, most notably at the Barbican in 1993 as part of the In Tune? II concert series. More recently, my 12th and 13th Quartets have received premieres with the Coull and Nero Quartets respectively.

My work as an artist was shown as part of an event held in Bournemouth 2009, run by the Bournemouth Creatives group. I have yet to sell any of my paintings, and yes, they are all for sale, contact me for prices.


Composer, Music Theorist, Painter, Software Engineer