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CasaHistoria is the site that will help you to make the best use of the web. The site is divided up into different sections. Each section is based on an area of the IB course and lists links to sites found by myself or your History/Historia teachers that should be of use or interest to you.

CasaHistoria is available on the Northlands intranet, but it is also posted on the web so you can use it at home. If you are using it at home, please list it in your favourites/bookmarks so that you can find it again easily.

Please let me know of any sites you find so that they can be added.
Last updated LFE 22/6/99.

The CasaHistoria secret webcam took this picture during a lesson in Humanities 8. Which one? Can you identify yourself? If you think you know, contact LFE!


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General History Links


Womens History


Russian Revolution


Lenin’s Russia


Fascism, charismatic leadership and Hitler




"Latin American ABC": Argentina, Brazil, Cuba


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