Print Sales

For some years now, the Yevonde Portrait Archive has been producing dye transfer and pigment transfer prints from the original 1930's VIVEX colour separation negatives in the archive.

The majority of the images displayed on this website are available for sale in the form of limited edition pigment transfer prints. The images are printed on the finest quality watercolour paper in 16 x 20 in. format and are fully archival. The edition size is limited to 30 plus 5 sets of artist's proofs to maintain their exclusivity.

The Yevonde Portrait Archive has also produced two limited edition folios of Goddesses, each folio containing ten prints housed in a beautiful silk-covered, velvet-lined presentation case, complete with letterpress printed title page, contents page and colophon. These folios are objects of great beauty, and should appeal to all collectors of fine art photography.

About one third of the images on display are available in the form of archival dye transfer prints whose glowing colours bring out all the richness and warmth inherent in the VIVEX palette.


Dye transfer and pigment transfer prints £650 each.

Goddesses folios I and II £5000.00 each.


There are currently four books on the life and work of Madame Yevonde, three of which have been out of print for some years, though the archive has a few copies left for sale.

Madame Yevonde - Colour, Fantasy and Myth, Robin Cousins and Pam Roberts, National Portrait Gallery, 1990. Produced to accompany the original exhibition tour. Three essays on Madame Yevonde, the VIVEX process and the background to the Goddesses, plus many b/w and colour plates.

Few remaining copies @ £25 plus p&p

Madame Yevonde - Be Original or Die, by Brett Rogers and Adam Lowe, The British Council, 1998. Produced in bi-ligual English-Spanish form to accompany the exhibition which toured South America, and later Spain. Places Madame Yevonde's work in its art historical context, and reviews the VIVEX process she used. Numerous colour plates of work not hitherto published.

Few remaining copies @ £25 plus p&p

Goddesses and Others - Yevonde: A Portrait, by Kate Salway, Balcony Books, 1990. Well researched, strongly biographical.

Few remaining copies @ £18.00 plus p&p

The Goddesses - Portraits by Madame Yevonde, by Lawrence N. Hole, Darling and Company, Seattle, 2000. Small, beautifully produced and illustrated volume which takes a closer look at the VIVEX process and explores the background to the Goddesses series of portraits, at the same time looking beneath the glamour for the ultimate source of the artists motivation.

Unlimited stock @ £17.50 plus p&p

Please allow 5 - 10 days for delivery.


All of the images displayed on this website are availble for reproduction in books, magazines, catalogues, calendars and top quality merchandise.

Fees on application.