The Coast to Coast Walk

About the book

It is now nearly 40 years since Alfred Wainwright devised the elegant concept of a 190-mile walk across the north of England, linking the west and east coasts and covering some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. This book is a celebration of the magnificent landscapes on the walk from St. Bee's Head on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood's Bay on the North Sea.

It highlights the changes in light, landscape and weather throughout the seasons which produce such a variety of different moods along the route. which passes through three of the country's most beautiful national parks (the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors) along with other less well-known but equally lovely regions, such as the Vales of Eden and Mowbray. The Coast to Coast encompasses a remarkable diversity of geology and land use which is reflected in its ever-changing character.

By hours of planning and repeatedly returning to the route throughout the year, landscape photographer Karen Frenkel has captured its different moods and those transient moments when light and landscape combine to produce this beautiful and unusual set of images. Together with informative captions of both her experiences and information about the area, it is a beautiful record for the thousands of people who walk this route, but do not have the time or weather to record it in such detail for themselves.


'The photographs are stunning and have extended exploratory captions, including the time of year taken, which add to one's appreciation... Karen Frenkel's book is one that anyone who has walked, or is thinking about undertaking, the Coast to Coast walk would be delighted to find in their Christmas stocking.' - Footsteps

'A fine collection of images, accompanying a roll-call of splendid names.' - Geographical Magazine

'Karen captures the diversity of the northern English countryside in all its glorious seasonal shifts.' - Walk

'Walkers and photographers are different people. A photographer waits until the landscape is ready. The walker through sun or rain walks on, absorbing the landscape, a constantly moving, changing mixture of lights and sensations. When he has bathed his feet in Robin Hood's Bay, he will treasure a book like Karen's to remember where he has been.' - Cumberland News

'If this doesn't get you out on the Coast to Coast with your camera, nothing will.' - Cumbria

'The images in this hardback are really quite special; a celebration of the landscape.' - Cumbria Life

'This lovely portfolio of photographs bound into a beautiful coffee-table book is one of the very best collections I have ever had to review. They are truly stunning!' - Keswick Reminder

'This is a dangerous book. In one day it turned me, a complete walking novice, into someone with half a mind to set off right away in Albert Wainwright's footsteps.' - Westmorland Gazette

'With its photographic representation of the impact of the seasons The Coast to Coast Walk is ideal for walkers and photographers alike.' - Outdoor Photography

'A beautifully photographed celebration of the magnificent landscapes on the walk.' - Lancashire Life

'Karen's photographs capture the stark changes that occur from season to season -  from frozen lakes to the explosive reds, oranges and yellows of autumn-each scene populated only by the occasional sheep or striding rambler…the captions of this book are peppered with personal recommendations for welcoming local guesthouses and choice picnic spots.' - Lonely Planet magazine

Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 112 pages
ISBN: 9780711232174
Format: 267mm x 250mm
130 colour photographs and 5 maps