In 1964 a steel framed barn with corrugated cement fibre cladding was built to store about 1000 tonnes of potatoes with straw bale insulation and covering. In 1967 a smaller shed of concrete blocks was built, about 15 metres square, to be used as another seed potato chitting shed. In 1977 this was demolished along with the old tractor shed to make room for a new steel framed, cement fibre-clad barn. This incorporated a new chitting shed adjoining the potato barn, a new grain store and an open fronted lean-to for over-wintering a new herd of beef cattle. The grain store had a capacity of 1200 tonnes with under-floor vents, corrugated steel inner grain walling and a large electric blower with electric heating elements for drying the crop. It also contained a high capacity grain cleaner and weigher with the associated elevators and conveyors.

In 1983 the old grain store was demolished and the silos dismantled. It was replaced with a modern, steel framed building with steel walls and corrugated cement fibre roof. It housed a ten-ton/hour inline drier with a crop cleaner and weigher and could store 2000 tons of wheat. At the same time the old rough tarmac around the buildings was replaced with concrete.

This just left the old workshop and Dutch barn of the original farm buildings. The workshop was demolished in 199? and the 1983 grain store building extended over the site to create a much larger, brighter workshop more suited to the large machines now in use.

With the beef herd gone and 600 sheep replacing them, the open fronted shed that had been their winter quarters was now redundant so work began converting it to two industrial units. The first business, making sheet metal products, took possession in 1997 Potato production stopped in 1998, which meant that the chitting shed and potato barn became redundant and over the next few years these were also converted for small industrial and office use until at present there are nine units housing small businesses.

The Old Workshop with Dutch barn far left and new Grain store on right

Old Dutch Barn

Updated 1970 Grain Store and Chitting shed Unit.

Old Potato store Industrial units

Cowshed lean-to Offices and Industrial units

Inside the updated large Grain Store

Interior of new Workshop nearing completion.