Canberra (PR) Mk 9's parked on 13 Squadron dispersal RAF Akrotiri Cyprus.
A visiting"Ace Freighters" Super Constellation
Number 13 (PR) Squadron was based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus until August 1965 when the whole Squadron moved to RAF Luqa in Malta. The Canberra PR 9 which the squadron operated in the photo reconnaissance roll, was used to carry out a variety of tasks some of which were secret. Some however were purely photographic surveys. Two major surveys during the period 1965 to 1968 were carried out in Mauritius and Kenya to aid mapping. These involved long periods away for aircraft and personnel. Additionally a detachment was carried out to RAF Tengah in Singapore over Christmas 1965 during the Indonesian confrontation. The Canberra PR9 was unique in that it had uprated powerful engines, powered flying controls and a very high altitude capability. It's performance was far superior to other marks of Canberra.
RAF Transport Command Comet 4
RAF Akrotiri married quarters
Looking towards submarine point
The cliffs are very dramatic
Looking towards Cape Gata
The sea was superb for swimming
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