Hello and welcome to the NEW RAF FORUM link
Following the demise of the excellent RAF FORUM shortly before Xmas 2015, a few ex members decided to create a new Forum to enable members to maintain contact online and continue the friendships and the camaradari they previously enjoyed.
The Content of the Forum includes threads to enable members to tell of their service history, anecdotes of their service life and postings they had during their careers. Stories about aircraft and aircraft operations, servicing and flying in all area's of the world are encouraged. However everyone who served or is serving in the service no matter what their trade are very welcome to join us. The length of anyone's service or the rank they achieved is of no conseqence.

In addition to service orientated threads there are many threads already created  for hobbies, interests and many other topics. Photographs can be uploaded for display on the Forum and there is a personal messaging facility. Members may create their own threads as required.
While the Forum is a public Forum it requires a simple registration procedure using email addresses, passwords and a code for initial access. It is monitored both by Admin and by moderators and membership rules are displayed.
The Forum is not affiliated to any organisation. In due course it is hoped to be linked to other Forums on the Internet.
If you wish to join or simply have a look, please click on the URL below. Alternatively cut and paste the URL into a search engine.

Some people have experienced difficulty in registering to access the forum. If this happens please email me and I will provide assistance.
My email address is
There is a direct link on the Home page to Outlook Express if you prefer to use it.
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