The airfield looking North. Part of the Army Garrison and the Hospital can be seen at the bottom of the photograph. 1911 flight detachment occupied the small huts in the centre of the photograph adjacent to the concrete runway.  
The Garrison headquarters and part of the grass runway.
General view of the detachment
The office
Another view with the hospital
         in the background
Detachment Auster outside the
         flying club hangar
Take off
A Dakota "voice"aircraft fitted with powerful loudspeakers. This aircraft was used to encourage terrorists to surrender.
A selection of visiting aircraft
Whirlwind helicopters were the most frequent visitors
Pembroke aircraft were used for communication duties
This artillery battery was located on the Eastern end of the old concrete runway and was in action against terrorists in the Labis area.
1957 - 1958
This ultra low fly past by a  Meteor T7 from RAF Tengah so infuriated the garrison commandant that he he stopped all low flying across the airfield. Apparently he was at the garrison swimming pool which was located on a small hill and he was looking down at the aircraft as it flew past!
Venoms and Canberras frequently flew low over the airfield
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