It's difficult to believe now that more than 15 years have passed since I revisited Malaya with 656 Squadron Association. It had been 42 years since I was last in Kuala Lumpur and the few area's of the city that I could remember were around the famous railway station and the old colonial district. Like Singapore, dramatic changes had taken place and giant skyscrapers were everywhere, the Petronis building and the Telecom tower were magnificent.
The Petronis Tower
Kuala Lumpur city views from the top of the Telecom tower.
The Shangri lah Hotel
The old civil airport (RAF Kuala Lumpur)
In the distance
The Padang
The famous railway station
The entrance gates to the Royal Palace
A Palace gate sentry
The lake gardens
The National Monument
A Malay gardener who agreed to pose for me.
The Sultan Abdul Samad building (once the old Colonial Secretariat). Where I had last stood in 1958 photographing the first anniversary of Independence parade.
Batu caves
Inside the caves
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