1956         RAF Swinderby Vampire ASF

1957         656 Sqdn at Kuala Lumpur (RAF Noblefield)  

1957         RNAS Sembawang Singapore on 1911 flight of
                656 Squadron.

1958         656 Squadron light Aircraft Workshops RAF
                Kuala Lumpur.

RAF Seletar Singapore, ASF (Land) also
                Sunderland ASF.

1960         RAF Wattisham  Station flight.

1965         RAF Akrotiri  13 Squadron

1965         RAF Luqa Malta 13 Squadron.

1968         RAF Watton   115 Squadron.

1969         RAF Cottesmore  115 Squadron,
                 and Canberra ASF.

1972         RAF  Marham  214 Squadron.

1976         RAF Marham Canberra ASF.

1978         RAF Swanton Morley  SSMW  UKLSA team.

1983         RAF Marham  Tornado Aircraft Servicing

1987         RAF Swanton Morley Base Projects Flight.

1993         Retired from the service.


If anyone remembers me from my service career please don't hesitate to get in touch or even visit me, you will be assured
of a warm welcome.
I was born in the village of Kegworth in Leicestershire. Like many young boy's of the wartime era I became fascinated by aircraft of all kinds. I never recall seeing Spitfires during the war but my favourite aircraft was the USAF Lockheed Lightning which was seen occasionally flying overhead! As I got older myself and a friend cycled to Air shows at RAF Newton and RAF Wymeswold.  In the early 1950's the Meteor F8's at Wymeswold and visiting Canadian F86 Sabre's from North Luffenham became my firm favourites. Leaving school in 1954 at the age of fifteen, I joined the Royal Air Force at RAF Cosford as a Boy Entrant. I started my training in number 22 entry to become an Airframe mechanic. In 1955 my entry was moved to RAF St Athan where I completed my training in 1956. I was then posted to RAF Swinderby my first "real" RAF station.  Sadly I have no photographs of that posting.
Listed below are some of the RAF stations I served on during my career.
Now that I am retired my main hobbies are: Amateur radio, ( I have been Licenced since 1974). photography, Painting, reading, computing, cars and motoring and researching my family history.
                    Vampire Mk 5
                    Vampire Mk 9
                    Vampire Mk T11.
                    Auster (A.O.P) Mk 9.
                    Beaufighter TT.
                    Twin Pioneer.
                    Meteor Mk TT 20.
                    Meteor Mk T7.
                    Meteor Mk F8.
                    Canberra Mk T4.
                    Canberra Mk B2.                    
                    Canberra Mk E15.
                    Canberra Mk E17.
                    Canberra P.R 9.
                    Canberra P.R 7.
                    Hunter Mk T7.
                    Victor Mk K1.
                    Victor Mk K1A.
                    Tornado GR1.
During my career I worked on various Squadrons and in 2nd line hangars doing rectification and servicing. Additionally I worked in various servicing workshops and offices, I undertook servicing duties on the following type's and marks of aircraft.
I was also involved in ground handling and refuelling many other types of visiting aircraft at a variety of RAF stations.
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