RAF GAN was a staging post located on Addu Atoll at the southern end of the Maldive islands chain in the Indian Ocean. The following photographs were taken during several visits I made while in transit to various Middle and Far East RAF stations. Many thousands of servicemen and women passed through this isolated base, some were posted there usually for a period of one year without wives and families.                  
A long way from anywhere!
This illustration of Addu atoll hung in the transit lounge. Gan is the most southerly island in the atoll.
Sunset and sunrise on Gan could be very spectacular.
115 Sqdn personnel on the Sgt's mess beach.
Most of the Maldivian islanders who worked on Gan lived on adjacent islands in the Atoll. Boats of all shapes and sizes were used as transport.
The Jetty.
Seen here the RFA Wave Victor Gan's bulk fuel carrier, she was scrapped in 1971.
The police post at the Fedu island crossing.
Swimming and beach walking were popular past times.
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