The city, a view from reclaimed land in the harbour.
The Fullerton Building now dwarfed by skyscrapers.
Anderson bridge from the Queen Elizabeth walk.
All that remains of Queen Elizabeth walk.
The Cenotaph.
Chinese memorial, Queen Elizabeth walk.
The Cenotaph, looking toward what was the harbour!
The Asia building.
Change Alley.
Raffles Place.
Cavanagh bridge.
River views
The city hall and Padang.
In 2001 I visited Singapore for the first time in 32 years. I knew of course that it had changed radically during those years, however I was not prepared for the ultra modern city that confronted me. The old Singapore that I and thousands of servicemen knew no longer exists. The old street names remain, but the streets are difficult to identify. The majority of the old buildings have been destroyed. Those that remain are now overshadowed by giant skyscrapers. Even the once elegant Queen Elizabeth promanade is only a fraction of it's original length and now faces an elevated multi-lane highway, a man made island and large buildings. No longer is it possible to enjoy the view of the harbour. Some of the old colonial buildings remain mainly in the area around the Padang.                                      
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