Hello and welcome to the 17th revision of the Janvision Gallery. My name is Pete Biggadike and I live in Norfolk. I retired from the Royal Air Force in 1993 after almost 40 years of service. My service history is probably very similar to that of many servicemen in the post WW11 era. However having been a keen amateur photographer since the early 1950's, I managed to document a great deal of my service with photographs which I have decided to share. In an attempt to try to provide a little more interest in this long running site I have also written more text to include not only personal information but general service stories and anecdotes. I have now included photographs passed to me by friends with their permission. I hope they retain your interest and further your enjoyment. My thanks go to all who have made contact since the site first went online in 2002/3. If you do enjoy my website please let me know by sending an email and I will reply as soon as possible.
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Return to the UK 1959
1957 to 1959
Maldive Islands
RAF Marham 1972 to 1978
I continue to receive requests for copies of my photographs. For various reasons I regret I will not supply copies to either private individuals or publishers. To prevent embarrassment to all concerned please don't ask.

I must emphasise that the site is not intended to be a source of reference or a historical record and should not be used as such!  It is under continuing development with regard to content and layout. I welcome emails correcting any mistakes if they are written in a friendly manner. Any other approach will not receive a reply!

17th revision December 2016
RAF Swanton Morley
(These sections have not yet  been completed)
My career begins
RAF Marham 1983 to 1987
Latest revision
This latest 17th revision includes revised background colouring which I hope proves to be easier to read. Additional pages to the RAF Wattisham Station Flight section have been incorporated. Additional images have been placed in the RAF Swanton Morley section but the section layout and content is yet to be completed.  An additional section has been included for Photographs of Penang taken in 2001.
Lastly some rare Victor K1 tanker photographs have been given to me. These are incorporated in the 214 Squadron section.
Vulcan XH588 pay's it's final farewell  to RAF Marham June 2015.
Station Flight 1960-65
656 Squadron Association
Images of Singapore 1957 to 1959
RAF Seletar 1958 to 1959
My service history
11 Flight Army Air Corps Kluang
RAF Watton and Cottesmore 1969 to 1971
No. 214 (Tanker) Squadron
RAF Noblefield, Kuala Lumpur
RNAS Sembawang, Singapore
Kluang Town
Kluang Airfield
Personal memories of Kluang
Kuala Lumpur 1958
The funeral of the Sultan of Johore 1959
Via Penang,Colombo,Aden and Suez
RAF Kuala Lumpur 1958
Pingat Jasa Malayu
Tornado Aircraft Servicing Flight
Return to Singapore 2001
Return to Kuala Lumpur 2001
RAF Gan photo's
RAF Gan Association
214 Squadron Association
RAF Butterworth and Penang Association
My introduction to 656 SQUADRON
A Boy Entrant
1978 to 1983
Tiger Balm Gardens
Thaipusam Celebrations
VC10 Air refuelling sortie
Victor K2 Tankers
Last days of the Sunderland
No 57 Squadron disbandment
Royal Flights
Visiting Aircraft Servicing Flight
Vulcan display practice
RAF Changi
RAF Kai Tak
656 Squadron 70th anniversary 2013
RAF Changi Association
A tribute to the Lightning
Aircraft accidents
The New RAF Forum
Penang 2001
1987 to 1993
Bugs Bendell
Cyprus and Malta 1965 to 1968