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The Uttlesford Local History Recorders (ULHR) scheme has 38 Recorders covering 45 parishes, of which Great Chesterford is one. Since 2002 I have been Local History Recorder for Great Chesterford, and I am now busy compiling a computer catalogue of local history archives and artefacts in the village, to be known as the Great Chesterford  Local History Collection.

Pictures on this site are examples of Roman artefacts found in Great Chesterford and now kept in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Bowl of decorated Samian

This image is copyright. Reproduced by permission of University of Cambridge
Museum of Archeology & Anthropology (Accession No. 1883.413)

Bronze Mirror
This image is copyright. Reproduced by permission of University of Cambridge
Museum of Archeology & Anthropology (Accession No. 1961.111)

Romano-Celtic silver mask (votive plaque) of horned and bearded god
This image is copyright. Reproduced by permission of University of Cambridge
Museum of Archeology & Anthropology (Accession No. 1978.197)

The aim of LH Recorders also encompasses recording the present, i.e. collecting documents and artefacts, taking photographs of events and changes, and preserving oral history (it is valuable to write down or record your memories of village life, and deposit scripts or tapes in ERO Sound Archive). Other tasks can include answering queries, transcribing documents, holding exhibitions and sending an annual village report to the Essex Record Office. With the ULHR archival scanner, I can copy photographs and documents up to A3 size, and with a digital camera transfer photographs to archival-quality CDs. I would be most grateful to briefly borrow historical documents, photographs or slides, etc in order to photograph, photocopy or scan them for the collection and perhaps build up to an exhibition

 The ULHR is soon launching a new, specially-commissioned database, known as RUTH (Recording UTtlesford History), which will be available for all LH Recorders who want to catalogue village archives. It will be very easy to use and training will be available. After inputting the existing items, I hope to contact organisations and individuals later on, to compile a catalogue of all potential historical material:  minutes, correspondence, scrapbooks, deeds, newsletters, etc. Personal items can be kept in closed access of course. The RUTH catalogue will eventually form a descriptive, searchable database of all the many interesting items held in Uttlesford villages. The ULHR scheme provides the back-up and continuity of an autonomous, fully-constituted organisation encouraging villages to take care of their archival heritage.

 Please get in touch if you would like to know more, or if you have any material that could be copied for the local collection, or if you would like to help  with recording….

 KATE MCMANUS     01799 530461


1)      Two copies of pen and ink sketches of Annie Sharpe’s cottage during restoration in  1983. (Formerly known as Horseshoe Timbers, now known as Saffron House).

2)       Three photographs

     a) Living Whist Pageant thought to be at Icknield House about 1940.

     b Mr Surrey outside Surrey Cottage which used to stand at the gate to Chesterford  House (approx 1920) Mr Surrey worked the lime kiln.

     c) Col  & Mrs Stanley standing outside Chesterford House during the celebration King George VI’s coronation in 1937. 

 3)  a) Programme and entry form for Coronation celebrations 1953.

     b) Copy of an extract from Kelly’s Directory for gt & Lt Chesterford 1894

     c) Copy of an extract from County History of Essex Vol III. (Description and plan of Roman Settlement at Gt Chesterford.)

4)      a) Reminiscences of a Chesterford Choir Boy by Stacey George Dyer 1956

b) Memoir of Charles James Bloomfield (Bishop of London) concerning the appointment to the Living of Gt & Lt Chesterford in 1817.

c) Guide & Foreword to ‘Past & Present’ exhibition of bygones 1972.

d) Copy of Chapman & Andre’s map of Essex 1777. Plate II

e) Copy of an article from the Cambridge Chronicle about the Romano British  town at Gt Chesterford.

5)  a) A programme, Marshal’s rosette and details of Jubilee celebrations 1977

      b) Copy of Trust Deed covering the establishment of the village hall in 1954.

6)      Copy of a pen and ink sketch of Carmen Street in 1978

7)  Kelly’s Directory of Essex, Herts & Cambs in 1902

8) Two brass nameplates from the old surgery ( now Southacre Cottage).

Dr.Paddison & Mr Edwards, dentist.

Also photograph taken in 2002 of Southacre Cottage.

     The Surgery, High St

9)      History of Great Chesterford, written by Brian Head, aged 12, at the Perse School, Cambridge in 1981.

10)  a) Invitation to ‘Welcome Home & Tea’ July 1919. (Celebration of return of  servicemen).

        b) Programme of ‘The Pageant of Living Whist’ about 1948 (including names of cast).

11) a) Three photographs of Living Whist 1948

b)      Photograph of Vicarage Garden Party about 1955

c)      Postcard of Carmel St (undated)

d)      Photograph of Duxford Football Team (possibly?). Approx. 1936. Some Chesterford players included

e)      School photograph

f)        Group photo in fancy dress (including Bert Lightning)      

12) Eighteen photographs of the Vicarage garden party (approx. 1955), attended by  the Bishop

13)  a) Copy of Inclosure Award 1804

b) Copy of Parish map after Inclosure, Great Chesterford Parish Council

14)    Ninety eight editions of ‘The Times of the Chesterfords’

15)    Four albums of photographs of the 1977 Jubilee Celebrations, Gt Chesterford Parish Council

16)    Photograph of  Chesterford Stores (formerly Thurgoods) during restoration in 1983

17)    Nineteen photographs of Gt Chesterford taken in 1987 by  EC Price

18)    Photograph of Gt Chesterford Football Club 1928 ( list of names attached)

19)    Two photographs of the Recreation Ground  (one when flooded in 1987)

20)    Copy of Newmarket & Chesterford railway timetable August 1848

21)    Forty three photographs of the 1977 Jubilee Celebrations on 23 cards

22)    Great Chesterford, the People, 1600-1800 by M Deacon, Great Chesterford Association

23)    Eight copies of old postcards with views of Gt & Lt Chesterford – originals with Rufus Barnes

24)    A family album of the Pilgrims ( condition deteriorating – damage to spine noted 24/8.02)

25)    a) Sales publicity for the Station building  November 1989

b) Extract from Railway Magazine Nov 1985

c) Copy of assorted postmarks

26)   a) Two copies of postcards, one of Gt Chesterford, one of Lt Chesterford

b) Photocopy of an article on the Dark Ages

27)    Photocopy of notes from Miss Deacon concerning various stones etc. in the village

28)    Copy of the tree planting plan on the Recreation Ground

29)    Records of Gt Chesterford Youth Club

30)    British Legion Minutes Book 1928-1947

31)    Copy of Infant School photo plus names 1921

32)    Copies of ten postcards with the corresponding backs of five ( other five blank)

33)    Copy of postcard of Chesterford Stores (Thurgoods) 1911

34)    Photographic copy of the descent of the Lordship of the Manor of Great Chesterford

35)    The Wellspring Church at Great Chesterford Congregational Church 1841-1991  (a celebration of 150 years of Christian worship).

36)    a) Two books of minutes of the Royal British Legion (Women’s Section) 1975-78

b) One Contribution Register 1964-1977

37)    a) Youth Club Minutes Book 1981-84

b) Village Ventures – competition certificate 1982

38)    Original film and sound plus video of 1977 Silver Jubilee, Great Chesterford Parish Council

39)    1948 Poppy Day Report 

40)    Postcard of Carmen Street

41)    Agriculture Certificate awarded to Mrs Dyer 1917

42)    Large photograph of interior of Great Chesterford Church

43)    Five photographs:-

a)      cottage on site of Village Hall

b)      three photographs of The Old Bakehouse Carmel Street

c)      photograph of Carmel Street

44)    Framed photograph of Great Chesterford Bowls Club 1923

45)    Framed St John Ambulance Association Certificate ( Harry Swinfen November 1902)

46)    Report and inventory for Stansted Airport Inquiry March 1982

47)    News sheet for Chesterford Magna Cum Parva, February 1969 by Rev.Walter Ellis

48)    Revised list of buildings of special interest in Great Chesterford April 1981

49)    Twenty one magazines and twenty eight copies of the Wellspring Church Weekly Newsletter

50)    a) Photocopy of Inclosure Award 1804

b) Photocopy of Parish map after Inclosure,  Great Chesterford Parish Council

51)    Great Chesterford Church and Village – booklet

52)  Copy of the National Fire Brigades’ Union Drill Book 1902

53)   Collection of  papers and documents as follows:-

1.      General letter to all in Great Chesterford from the Vicar (John Stewart) after the Little Chesterford fire. Dated 14th April 1914

2.      Service of dedication of the windows in the Church by the Bishop on 15th February 1917 (donated in memory of Kate Stewart)

3.      Record of JP Smith’s service in the Volunteer Force 21.1.17 to 30.10.19, and a copy of the general letter sent by King George V to the Lord Lieutenant

4.      Two copies of the order of service at the dedication of the War Memorial Cross on November 14th 1920

5.      Certificate of competence issued to JP Smith to permit him to act as an air raid warden. Dated 5th April 1939

6.      Two poems by Constance Scott (one dated 1945 on the back)

7.      Extract from the Church Magazine for the Rural Deanery of  Saffron Walden for November 1945 with an obituary for Mr Arthur Denny

8.      Extract from the Church Magazine for the Rural Deanery of Saffron Walden for June 1947 with an obituary for Mrs Emily Denny

9.      List of the Rectors and Vicars of Great Chesterford from 1321 to 1747, and of Great and Little Chesterford from 1776 to 1953

10.  Programme for the Coronation celebrations 2nd June 1953

11.  Order of service for the laying up of the old and the dedication of the new standard of the Great and Little Chesterford branch of the British Legion

12.  Voting slip for Parish and RDC elections on May 9th 1955

13.  Certificate recording the retirement of JP Smith from the Post Office in 1962

14.  Details of the sale by auction of Bryn-Mere (The Old Post Office) South St on Tuesday 22nd August1972

15.  Copy of The Times of the Chesterfords for October 1973 containing the reminiscences of Emily Smith

16.  Souvenir edition of The Times of the Chesterfords for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations 6-7th June 1977

17.  Cover of The Times of the Chesterfords for August 1977 with a view of ‘Chestnuts’, High St (formerly a shop owned by Cecily Smith’s aunt and uncle) in the background

18.  Photograph of Robert Doble, Vicar of Great and Little Chesterford

19.  Two old photographs, one of the Charrington’s dray in a procession, the other of the milkman with his horse and cart

54)  Twelve old photographs as follows:-

1.      Two exterior and one interior view of The Crown House

2.      Two exterior views of Mill House; two interior views of the Mill; one view of the Mill Stream

3.      View of Manor Lane

4.      View of the school

5.      View of Newmarket Rd opposite Chesterford Engineering

6.      Photo of a woman (possibly Mrs King)


55)     Part of the Deed of Transfer of lands in Little Chesterford from John Kent and others to RF King, Rector of Little Chesterford, dated 8th October 1831. Also two typed copies of (possibly) the complete document from 1617

56)    These items returned to Mrs Angell of Hinxton by Ken Kilford on 30/4/96 – she reclaimed the articles as the legal successor  

1.      ‘Antiqua Explorata’. The results of excavations by R C Neville around Great Chesterford from 1845 to 1847

2.      ‘Sepulchra Exposita’. The opening of some barrows around Audley End by R C Neville and others 1848

3.      Kelly’s Essex Directory 1896, R G Fordham on cover

4.      Cary’s New Itinerary of the Great Roads of England and Wales and the Principal Roads in Scotland 1821

57)    Programme for the Great Chesterford Carnival 1st July 1995

58)    Copy of ‘Hello’ magazine dated 16th Sept 1995 containing and article about the De Bruyne family (new owners of Swaine Adeney) at their home ‘Chesterford Hall’, formerly the Country Club.  Pages 90-93

59)    25 photographs of Great Chesterford taken in 1998 (matching those where possible taken by E C Price in 1987

60)  a) Extract from Kelly’s Directory 1914 (Gt & Lt Chesterford)

b)      Extract from Kelly’s Directory 1917 (Gt & Lt Chesyerford)

c)      O.S. Map of Great Chesterford published 1921 (surveyed possibly 1912-13)

61)    Notes on the history of the Chesterford Cup presented to the men of the Chesterford Fire Brigade May 1944 

62)    Video of the village film taken from Gilbert Stephenson’s original 8mm silent movie with voice over by Gilbert, together with notes supplied by the W.I., adding names etc. (notes updated 2004 by the WI with corrections and additions to names)

       Local History Society via Ken Kilford

63)    Resume of talk given by Ian Deatker at the final AGM of The Chesterford Association in November 1995, giving a short history of the society since it started in 1974

64)    Seven photos of flash floods in August 1999 taken by Mrs E Buckley

65)    Eight photos of Carnival Procession etc.,June 2000 – part of the Millennium Celebrations taken by Mrs E Buckley

66)    Copy of the Harvest 2000 Programme from All Saints Church Great Chesterford, September 2000

67)    Copy of the Great Chesterford Village Photograph taken January 2000 to commemorate the Millennium

68)    Photograph showing the Recreation Ground and the new Community Centre flooded in October 2001 taken by Mrs H A Deatker

69)    O.S. map of the development at Chesterford Park by Schering/Agrevo/Aventis as it stood in 2001 when sold to Norwich Union for further development as a Research Park

70)    Ringbinders of local newspaper articles 2002 to the present day (see also

71)    Pack of assorted photographs, programmes, fliers, newspaper coverage etc.of Carnival QE 2002 held to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

72)    a) Boxed commemorative Jubilee mug, presented to every child at the Willows Street Party 2nd June 2002

b)      Three photographs of the Willows Street Party

73)    Three photographs of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2nd June 2002 taken by Mrs F Moore

74)    Ringbinder of local newspaper articles 1989-1997 ( see also

75)    Photographs taken in Great Chesterford September 2002 showing Horse River Green and some new houses built since the Millennium

76)    Letter requesting funds for the Restoration and Patronal Festival Appeal for All Saints Church 1978

77)    Exercise book filled with newspaper cuttings about Saffron Walden c.1950. Name John Roberts stamped on inside of back cover

78)  Photographs of the Great Chesterford Steam-Up 5 October 2002

79)  Chesterfords Village Appraisal  - results January 2000, Chesterford Parish Council

80)   Chesterford Broadsheet Supplement 2002 – list of organisations and clubs in Gt & Lt Chesterford

81)  Four photographs of the High St/Rose Lane Jubilee Garden Party, taken and donated by Ian Deatker

82)  The Noisy Flyer – newspaper supplement against the expansion of Stansted Airport.  Free. 2003

83)  Lifeline Romania with Chesterfords Aid – various literature

84)  Little Un’s Story: recollections of a wartime childhood 1937-1952, by Derek Plumb

85)  Photocopy of an article published in the Saffron Walden Weekly News over twenty years ago c.1980, by Pam Croome which mentions the Chesterford Stone being cemented into the side of a house. This house is Brock House and the stone, or piece of the stone can be clearly seen from Manor Lane. Another piece of the stone may have been used in the foundations of The Maltings School St.

The article also gives an indication as to the stone’s significance and history

86)  Catalogue and flier advertising an Auction of Promises held on Saturday 5th July 2003 at Great Chesterford Community Centre by the Friends of Great Chesterford School to raise money towards building extra classroom space – results are published in the Chesterford Broadsheet

87)  Uttlesford Recorder Scheme – letters, reports, constitution, notes for Recorders

88)  Chesterford Broadsheet – No 40 Oct 1988 – current

89)  Farmers’ Market – folder of fliers from local producers at the market held in the Community Centre every 2nd Saturday of the month.  Started July 2003

90)  Local bus and train timetables – Stagecoach abandoned the 102 bus route between Cambridge and Saffron Walden via Great Chesterford in the summer of 2003. The route has been taken over by Whippet Coaches

91)  Chesterford & District Gardening Society – folder of fliers, flower show schedules etc. with special reference to the 30th anniversary celebrations in 2004 with photographs

92)  Workers Educational Association – Ickleton & Chesterfords Branch.  Folder of information with special reference to the 30th anniversary Sept 2003 – includes a copy of the speech made by Elizabeth Marshall recollecting the early years of the Association in the village

93)  The Chesterfords Pre-School – leaflet of information for parents – summer 2003

94)  The Great Chesterford village sign -  erected on the Green – June 2003. Folder of photographs, information, opinions etc.

95)  Video of ‘Coming Home., recorded off Anglia TV at 5.45pm on Sunday 7th September 2003 ( 11 minutes duration).

Two ‘railway children’ return to Great Chesterford station where their father was the stationmaster and where they spent most of their childhood.

See also the following articles in the Scrap Book-

a)      “Return  to the railway”  Weekly News Thurs Sept 14th 2003

b)      “Railway children return to their station home” Walden Local Wed May 21st

96)  Eighteen photographs taken of the Steam Up at Great Chesterford held on Saturday 4th October 2003.

Entertainment included Morris Dancers, street organs, vintage cars and farm vehicles and a children’s entertainer with a Punch and Judy Theatre. A jumble sale was held in the school, and an arts and crafts fair in the Community Centre.

      Taken by Kate McManus

97)  Photograph of two Jubilee Commemorative Plaques fixed to the outside wall of the School Hall.  The top one commemorates the Silver Jubilee of King George V in 1935; the bottom one the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2002 taken by Kate McManus

98)  Ten photographs of Great Chesterford in the snow – taken on 5th February 2003 after the M11 was blocked overnight  ( see newspaper cuttings in Scrapbook ) , taken by Kate McManus

99)  Great Chesterford Millennium Mug – white pottery with transfer print of the Church and the words Great Chesterford Millennium on the bottom.

100)     Leaflet advertising the Chesterfords’ Acupuncture Clinic, held at the Old Vicarage Church St, and run by David Kelsey

101)          Colour postcard of All Saints Church, Great Chesterford

102)   Photos the ‘Medics Bike Ride’ which started at the Plough in Great Chesterford

    £1500 was raised for the Emergency Doctor Service.

 See also newspaper cuttings for  October 16 2003.

103)  Folder on the Rural Housing Trust including a copy of their newssheet ‘Village

    Homes’ information sheet ; guidance sheet called ‘Home Ownership Made Easy’; and a survey on housing needs in Great Chesterford which was circulated to every house in the village in May 2004 to ascertain local opinion.

104)   Leaflet advertising reflexology services ,  run by Irena Willmott

105)  Photograph of the Millennium Embroidery. Displayedl in the Community Centre. Each scene depicts a local view and was embroidered individually

106)  Pack of photographs, fliers etc. including the official programme of Midsummer Madness Carnival 2004 and Superstars

107)  Programme for the Great and Little Chesterford Open Gardens 26th June 2004.                                   

          Part of the week of Carnival celebrations. 

108)  Computer printout of the Great Chesterford milestone on the B1383 giving the        Distances between Great Chesterford and London, Cambridge and Newmarket,                   Taken from the milestones website –

           Height 25cm.           Surveyed 21 June 2002

 109)  Fifteen photographs of the 2004 Steam Up showing the steam engines at the

          Plough and the fair on Horse River Green

 110)  Five photographs taken on Open Gardens Day Sat 26th June 2004

 111)  Mug produced to commemorate the 13th Great Chesterford Steam Up in 2004.

         White with green image on one side of a steam engine and the words ‘13th Great

          Chesterford Steam Up’

 112)  Letter distributed throughout the village concerning the progress of the Parish       

          Room Appeal, signed by David Maskell and Sheila Chambers, Churchwarden

 113)  Photograph of the Barn Dance held in the Village Hall in 2002

 114)  Seventeen colour photographs taken of the 1995 Great Chesterford Carnival


       a)  Three photographs of the 1997 Great Chesterford Carnival Parade

       b)  Agenda and Minutes of several meetings of the Carnival ’97 Committee


       a)  Letter inviting the children of the village to take part in a Fancy Dress Parade 

            on New Year’s Eve 1999 -  see also 116(g)

       b)  Sheet of instructions for villagers wishing to take part in the Torches ‘Beacon’  

            on Millennium Eve, with the words of  ‘Auld Lang Syne’.

       c)  ‘Millennium Charity Supper and Cocktails’ recipe booklet.  Recipes donated

            by Jamie Oliver and proceeds given to various charities.

       d)  Photograph of All Saints Church Great Chesterford taken on Millennium Eve.

            The Church was floodlit for the first time.

       e)  Four photographs of  villagers taking part in the Millennium Quiz

       f)  Two photographs of people signing the Village Register in the Church

        g)  Six photographs of the Fancy Dress Party held in the Village Hall after the


       h)  Seven photographs of Millennium Festivities in the Village Hall (Treasure

            Hunt Tea?)


       a)  Programme, timetable of preparations, and income and expenditure sheet for

            the Great Chesterford Carnival 2000

       b)  Four photographs of the ‘Superstars Competition’ – part of Carnival 2000.

            Held at both the Plough, and the Crown and Thistle

       c)  Seven photographs of the exhibits displayed at the Craft Fair in the Chapel,

            Carmel Street as part of Carnival 2000

       d)  Twenty colour photographs of the Carnival 2000 Parade.


       a)  Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Definitive Map of the Parish of Great       .           Chesterford.  1/3/89

b)  Map showing land transferred from Great Chesterford to Little Chesterford.

     Maps of Uttlesford (Parishes) Order 1986. Issued by the Department of the


 119)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Receipts and Payments Book 1981-2000

120)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Books Jan 2001 - Dec 2002

121)  Eight colour photographs of the Great Chesterford Steam-Up 2005.

122)  Schedule and entry form for the Chesterford and District Gardening Society 18th   

          Flower Show held on Saturday 17th September 2005 at Great Chesterford     


123)  Fifteen colour photographs of the exhibits at the 18th Flower Show held in the

          School Hall.

124)  The Railway Magazine Vol.87 Jan-Dec 1941, containing ‘The Newmarket and

          Chesterford Railway ‘, Parts 1 & 2, by Kenneth Brown.

125)  Unused invoice from A Sharpe, Stores, Gt. Chesterford advertising Esso Blue


126)  Beautiful Days in Britain: a birthday calendar of Essex , Gt. Chesterford and

          Saffron Walden. Twelve colour photos of village scenes.

 127)  Four cards with sketches of village scenes sold in aid of All Saint’s Church.

 128)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book Dec 2000 – Dec 2001

 129)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book Jan 2002 – Feb 2003

 130)  Rejoice! Christmas at the Chesterfords. Timetable of events during the festive

          Period in Gt & Lt Chesterford. 

 131)  Aerial photograph of Great Chesterford taken April 2000

 132)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book 1986-1990

 133)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book 1990-1995

 134)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book 1975-1986

 135)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Minutes Book 1911-1952

 136)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Receipt & Payment Book 1956-1972

 137)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Receipt & Payment Book 1972-1981

 138)  Great Chesterford Parish Council Declaration of Acceptance of Office

          1952 - 1987          

 139)  Great Chesterford Recreation Ground Management Committee Minutes 1980-1988

 140)  Papers sent from the Dept. of Transport, 2nd July 1993, to Mrs J Casement,

          Parish Council Clerk, detailing the compulsory purchase orders necessitated by

          The dualling of the A11.  Covering letter signed by Mrs H A Stockbridge.

          Enclosed in the pack are copies of the orders, plans and public notice.

          CPO (E No3) 1993;  CPO (E No4) 1993

 141)  Papers sent from the Dept of Transport, 23rd June 1993, to Mrs J Casement

          Parish Council Clerk, detailing the plans for the dualling of the A11 trunk road,

          and junction improvements at Four Wentways and Stumps Cross. Covering                                 

          latter signed  by Mrs H A Stockbridge.

         Enclosed in the pack are copies of the orders, plans and public notice.

 142)  Folder of letters relating to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations in June 1977.

 143)  A11 Trunk Road Stump Cross to Four Wentways Improvement.

         Landscape Proposals – Details (for consultation)

         Notes to be read in conjunction with 1:2500 Scale Plans J8371/99 & 100, and


         Prepared by Cambridgeshire County Council Agent Authority May 1993

 144)  Correspondence between the Public Works Loan Board and the Parish Council

          Clerk regarding the early settlement of a loan procured for the purchase of

          Horse River Green as a public amenity via a Public Open Space Grant 1985-


 145)  Great Chesterford Village Appraisal 2001 Questionnaire

 146)  Great Chesterford Village Appraisal 2001 Business Questionnaire

 147)  Programme for a Celebration Ball held in a marquee on the Recreation Ground

          on Saturday 22nd May 1999, to raise money for the building of the new Village

          Hall. Produced by the Village Hall Management Committee. 

 148)  A Hall for the Millennium.

         Brochure produced by the Village Hall Management Committee and distributed

          on the evening of the Village Hall Fundraising Summer Ball.

 149)  Charities Folder 1978-1980 – correspondence concerning the four Parish


 150)  Easton Park Development Document 1991

 151)  Rookery Close/Pilgrim Close Development (plans, correspondence etc)

          1975 - 1988

152)  Typed list of contents of the Time Capsule buried beneath the Village Sign in

          2005. Includes a list of the names of current Parish Councillors.

 153)  Kelly’s Directory of Suffolk & Essex with Maps, 1937

 154)  Four posters advertising Youth Band Aid at the Village Hall in the 1990s.

          All proceeds went to Christian Aid. It was run by All Saints Church, GtCh.

155)  Newspaper article (newspaper and date unknown), about  Swaine , Adeney,  

          Briggs’ proposed move to a new factory off London Rd.

          Photograph of current factory site.

156)  Aerial photograph of Chesterford Park, showing the Manor House and

          outbuildings as they were in the 1980s when it was the Agrochemical

           Research Station for Fisons Boots Chemicals (FBC).

157)  Two aerial photographs of Great Chesterford in 2006 printed from the Google

          Internet website.

158)  Pickwick’s Cambridge Scrapbook – the journey to Great Chesterford.

          Extracts compiled by Mike Petty and Members of the Ickleton & Chesterford

          WEA class, March 2006.

          Eight A4 pages

159)  Picture of Life in Roman Days – painting a glimpse of the past by Michael


          Description, illustration and explanation of Peter Froste’s pictorial depiction of

          the 4th century Roman town at Great Chesterford.

          Newspaper cutting from the Reporter & Broadcast, June 29, 2006.

160)  Lost and Found – the lost Roman town of Great Chesterford brought to life

         for the first time on canvas.

         Essex Matters Issue 24 June 06,page 10.

161)  Article on the Crown House Hotel, Great Chesterford.

          Essex Life, Sept 04, page 124. 

162)  Carnival 2006 – pack of information

          Contents:-      four programmes



                                Carnival report


                                Scarecrow Competition

                                newspaper cuttings


 163)  Open Gardens Day 2.00 – 6.00, Sat 17th June 2006.

          Poster and list of gardens with map – part of Chesterford Carnival Week.

 164)  Focus on the Chesterfords 2006. Liberal Democrat newssheet written by

          Elfreda Tealby-Watson. Contains information on the new access to Chesterford

          Park and  October’s floods.

 165)  Postcard of The College, Great Chesterford.  Black & white, used with two

         green 1/2p George VI postage stamps. The College was The Vicarage, and

         later the Country Club. It is now a private dwelling (Chesterford Hall) owned by 

         the de Bruyne family of Swaine, Adeney.

 166)  OS Map of Great Chesterford reproduced by Uttlesford District Council on

          12/10/2006 for the purpose of a survey of a conservation village.

           Map ref. TL5042

          Scale 1:3000

          Shows house names and numbers. Conservation area is outlined in red.

 167)  Copy of a letter written to Richard Hennings by Joe Wakefield on 3rd July

          1983 about July Farmhouse where Joe once lived.

          Copied exactly as it was written.

 168)  List of businesses drawn up by Ian Deatker which advertised in the Great

         Chesterford Flower Show programme from 1912-1926.

 169)  Copy of a letter written by Stacey Dyer to Gilbert Stephenson – date unknown.

          Reminiscences of the White Cottage and the Church Choir.

 170)  House auction details of The Chestnuts, High St, Gt. Chesterford.

         For sale by auction on Tuesday 10th October 1972.

         Photograph shows the cottage before renovation.

 171)  Focus on the Chesterfords August 2006 – Liberal Democrat newssheet.

 CHE 234)  Stacey George Dyer: a chronicle of the village he loved. Interim Report

                  No 1. 1990  ISBN 0951717103  £1.50

 CHE 235)  Our Villages: their beginnings and now. Abstracts from written and oral

                  History records. Interim Report No 2. 1991 ISBN 0951717103  £1.50

 CHE 236)  The Life of a Young Farm Worker in the 1920s & the Fate of Many

                   Chesterford Farmers, by Joe Wakefield. Interim Report No 3.  1992

                   ISBN 095171712X   £2.00

 CHE 237)  Disaster at the Park – Little Chesterford, 30 May 1944. A collation of the

                  information collected by Janet Clark about the explosions at the

                  ammunition dump at Little Chesterford Park. Interim Report No 4.

                  ISBN 0951717138  £3.00

 CHE 238)  A Village on Fire – Little Chesterford, 7 April 1914. A perspective of

                   Little Chesterford before and during the  great fire in 1914 and the

                   Buildings and people affected, by Ken Kilford. Interim Report No 5

                   ISBN 0951717146 £2.00

 CHE 239)  Great Chesterford Burials: memorial inscriptions in Church and

                   Churchyard, compiled by James Marshall. Interim Report No 6

                   ISBN 0951717      £2.50

 CHE 240)  Great Chesterford Burials: from the registers 1586-2000, compiled by

                   James Marshall. Interim Report No 7. ISBN 0951717189  £3.50

 CHE 241)  Little Chesterford in 1801 as revealed in the Inclosure Awards. Ken

                   Kilford presents the awards, the results of the inclosures, and extracts

                   Information about the life of the times from the documents. Interim

                   Report No 8. ISBN 0951717197  £1.50

 CHE 242)  Local Heroes: the men on Great Chesterford Village War Memorial, by

                   Peter Oldham. Interim Report No 9.  ISBN 0951717          £4.50

 CHE 243)  A Village School: Great Chesterford 1849-1999, by Elizabeth Marshall.

                  Interim Report No 10. ISBN 0951717                £2.00

 CHE 244)  Great Chesterford in 1801, as revealed in the Inclosure Awards, by Ken

                   Kilford.  Interim Report No 11. ISBN 095344192X  £3.50

 CHE 245)  A Village Shop, 1920-1945: good times and bad, Janet Clark’s record of

                   Holman & Sons, Great Chesterford, run by her parents.  Interim Report

                   No. 12.  ISBM 0953441946  £1.50

 CHE 246)  Great Chesterford Park, Ken Kilford presents what is known about

                   Chesterford’s lost mansion and its park.  Interim Report No. 13

                   ISBN 0953441954  £1.50

 CHE 247)  Great Chesterford Baptisms, Part One from the registers 1586-1812,

                  compiled by Elizabeth Marshall. Interim Report No 14. ISBN 09534419


 CHE 248)  Great Chesterford Baptisms, Part Three from the registers 1923-2005,

                  compiled by Elizabeth Marshall. Interim Report No 15.   ISBN 09534419


 CHE 249)  Commerce in Great Chesterford 1900-1950, by Ian Deatker. Interim

                  Report No 16. ISBN 0953441989   £1.50

 CHE 250)  The Beginnings of Chesterford from prehistory to history: The Fort Ditch;

                   The Temple; A Bronze Age Cremation.  Bulletin No 3 March 1980, by

                  Anthony E Collins & E C Price.  £2.00

 CHE 251)  Great Chesterford: a brief history. Chesterford & District Local History &

                   Archaeology Society in association with Great Chesterford Parochial

                   Church Council. 2000. ISBN 0953441936  £2.00

 CHE 252)  A Peep into the Life of Victorian Great Chesterford, compiled by Mary

                   Miller, 1984. £2.50

 CHE 253)  Follow Centurions; an article in the April 2006 issue of Essex Life &

                  Countryside. Describes a walk starting at the village green, up Park Lane,

                   across Hildersham Wood,  down Cow Lane , and back to the village.

 CHE 254)  The Plough 2007 Calendar – produced to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

                   Over £1000 was raised.

 CHE 255)  Little Chesterford Park; a short history, by Dennis Smith.

 CHE 256)  The Revolt of Geoffrey de Mandeville, by Dennis Smith.

 CHE 257)  Investigation into the origins of Sewards End, by Dennis Smith.

 CHE 258)  English Heritage National Monuments Record – local studies resource

                   Pack re. Roman Settlement at Great Chesterford.

 CHE 259)  CD containing 1) a photocopy of Neville’s Antiqua Explorata ( from the

                   Copy held in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology, Downing St) ;  and

                   2)  33 annotated photographs of Great Chesterford Roman artefacts held

                   in Saffron Walden Museum.                                                   

 CHE 260)   CD containing old photographs of Great Chesterford:-

                     1 – Church

                     2 -  Main Street

                     3 -  Chesterford Park (Fisons)

 CHE 261)  CD containing:-

                   1 – 53 photographs of the Gt Chesterford Fete 2006

                   2 -  13 photographs of the 2006 Flower Show

 CHE 262)  CD containing:-

                   1 – 7 photographs of the Millennium Quilt

                   2 – photographs taken of Roman artefacts found in Gt Chesterford

                         and displayed in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and

                         Anthropology, Downing St, on 19th Aug 2006 during a Local

                         History Society visit.

 CHE 263)  CD containing:-

                   1 – 16 photographs of the 2006 Gt Chesterford Steam-Up

                   2 -  photographs of the Medics Bike Ride 2006, leaving The Plough





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