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Rally report from Ted Grummitt

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Netherland Rally 2009

We left Harwich a  week before the rally started, we were keen to return to Delft where we had enjoyed our visit 2 years ago after the last Dutch rally. The 7 hour crossing on a smooth north sea went well, and we arrived at The Hook in mid afternoon with the temperature just under 30c.
Delftse Hout is an excellent site within walking distance of both the town and the local countryside, however we were shocked by the fees, Almost 30 per night, yes 30, due mainly to the value of the pound against the Euro, this was the first of several records to be broken on this trip.

Fortunately the rally site De Zanding gave our rally a discount and we paid 16 Euros per night, the route to the site was straight forward until we reached the road closed sign just a few miles from our destination, we were all affected, but with the help of Nora & Eduard's instructions we found our way.
The site is very large, with several facility blocks, a shop, cafe' and a nearby pancake restaurant, set in woodland with much wildlife, we saw a red squirrel at close quarters. What a shame that only 3 vans joined our hosts Nora & Eduard, is that an  all time low, I hope so, 50% were Slimline, that must be a record, the rally goers were David & Christine Exley, Tom & Karen Pasley, Ted & Anne Grummitt, Tom & Karen arrived after dark, and the site was not well lit, they walked around for about half an hour and finally heard a loud English voice, yes it was David, Nora went to guide them in and even she managed to get lost.

One evening our van door managed to lock its self with all the keys inside, David and his trusty screwdriver managed to open a window without causing too much damage!  better than sleeping in the awning!!

In spite of low numbers the rally went very well, every one won a raffle prize, coffee mornings required less hot water, and our evening out at the Pancake restaurant was very cozy! The GOC Sjoelen  championship was held, a very skilled Dutch game, Anne is the new club champion, she must have played a lot of 'shove halfpenny' in her youth!

Rally Saturday was the 65th. anniversary of Operation Market Garden, we left the site at 8.30 and drove in 2 cars to an old army barracks, from there we were bused to the paratroop drop zone, out of a clear blue sky 5 Hercules transport planes, and a Dakota, made many passes dropping large numbers of paras from various nations,  a very moving and spectacular sight. A very large crowd watched the remembrance ceremony, and a parade of veteran military vehicles, the Netherlands Historic Flight, and several military bands. The buses back were very crowded as everyone decided to leave at the same time, as the British were the heroes of the day we got seats!

Many thanks again to Nora & Eduard for organizing the rally, as I said at their previous rallies, they should be in charge of rally weather.                                                                                               

Vakantiepark De Zanding, Otterlo, Netherlands

Thursday 15th September to Tuesday 20th September 2009

Organised by Nora & Eduard Stemvers

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