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Rally report from Anona & David Morgan

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France Rally 2010

Eventually 14 Goburs & owners arrived at La Haye-de-Puits in Normandy, including two very new members Celia & Doug Cowie, from various ferries & locations in France & Spain for the second French rally again superbly organised by Di & Graham Lester assisted by Kate & Malcolm Smith. We were blessed with a very mixed bag of weather from blazing sun to very chilly, from cloud & wind to near tropical rain for just one day which did it’s best to destroy Rally Headquarters otherwise known as a Gazebo. Emergency repairs with strips of metal & Gaffa tape & help from many experts  worked wonders. The site itself is well equipped & conveniently located for a wide choice of attractions. The evening supply of Frittes from the bar being a well used option after perhaps a walk round the lake to watch the fish practically give themselves up to the fishermen. There is a nice water slide & pool on site but no Gobur members were seen using it, only Lorna in the pool. The fresh baguettes & croissants, sometimes still warm,  for breakfast could easily become habit forming.
The evening functions consisted of chat & gossip in each others vans or the Bar, a Bring & Share evening, a sporting competition as a variation from the World Cup, & the final evening meal in a nearby restaurant. Bring & Share was a bit different from normal the request being to bring French food. It was amazing the variety that could be found in the local shops leading to a gourmet feast, without even one snail, augmented with baguettes & wine supplied by the organisers. A big hit.. The sporting evening was petanque or boules. Names were drawn at random in pairs, the best pair from each match progressing to the next round. Keith Wilkinson brought the boules, decided the rules, & acted as referee & scorer. David Exley provided a non stop running commentary as only he does ! Tension grew as the evening went colder, darkness approached, the final being between the runners up Anne & Ted Grummitt and the winners Kate Smith & Linda Browning – Linda playing with a hot water bottle under her jumper. True.

The final evening meal was also a great success. The French still know how to cook.

The following day & days thereafter saw the party move on – some home, some to other sites in France, some staying on for another couple of weeks.

Helen Clare expressed thanks on behalf of us all to the organisers for their hard work. Organising a “Foreign Rally” brings different problems they so ably dealt with. Very well done Di & Graham, Kate & Malcolm.

L'Etang des Haizes, Le Valeis, France

Thursday 10th June to Tuesday 17th June 2010

Organised by Graham and Di Lester

No of Caravans: 14

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