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Rally report from Ted and Brenda Syder

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Coffee morning...

Chester Rally 2010

We arrived a day early, just before lunch on Tuesday 8th then within minutes, Derek and Angela joined us and then Roy, and the rain eased while we sited our vans.

Our first thoughts on arrival strayed to Mudlands. Looking at this beautiful field of grass, we expected the worst. We knew it had been raining on and off for quite a few days, some of it bordering storms. However, we were never so wrong. This field was the best drained field we have ever seen and when we left a week later the grass was still in perfect condition.

The site was in a good location, with lots of attractions a short distance away. It was well laid out, and kept clean and tidy at all times. The management were always available, and eager to assist.

A notable feature on the site was the aviary in a small garden where they were breeding different kinds of Owls and definitely worth a visit.

More vans arrived on Wednesday 9th and then on the 10th we got a visit from Aunt Sally a guest of David and Christine. She apparently goes every where with them and stays outside in all kinds of weather.

Each morning at 10 o’clock we had coffee or tea with biscuits in the Hospitality Suite (Derek and Angela’s Gazebo) and again the conversation was full of wit and very soon turned to laughter. Then on Friday 11th we were brought to order for the news of the day, only to be told there was none. Followed by Derek’s catch phrase to Angela “Is that all right my Dear”

On Saturday evening we had a meal on site, in The Rally Barn. It was cooked on site and was delicious. We all had Beef Cobbler followed by either Elm Cottage Mess (Ice cream and Meringue with Strawberries and Raspberries and Chocolate Wafer Straws) or Apple Pie and Custard. After the meal we played the game of, Who’s Hobby is This. It was intriguing to learn how many people were dedicated to so many very interesting hobbies and virtually impossible to identify them before hand. After this Clive entertained us by dictating two monologues and this was a great laugh.

Sunday brought more rain and the boules match had to be postponed, but the morning coffee, re-directed to The Rally Barn brought more fun, Mary held her Raffle and the winners of the two quizzes were announced.

On Tuesday evening we had the last supper. Chips and fish, delivered by Derek and Roy. We spread our tables and chairs in a circle and enjoyed our meal, in the beautiful warm sunshine. Afterwards the grand boules tournament took place followed by an even grander presentation to Tom, the winner. Derick our President then led the gathering by thanking Derek and Angela and their assistant Roy for a wonderful rally which we all enjoyed.

All in all it was another great success, that even the weather could not spoil, so once again, let Brenda and I thank you all for being such good friends and to Derek and Angela and their assistant Roy a special thank you, your planning and dedication to detail made this a very enjoyable occasion.

Elm Cottage touring Park, Windsford, Cheshire

Wednesday 9th June to Wednesday 16th June

Organised by Angela and Derek Ward

No of Caravans: 14

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