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Rally report from Terry and Dorothy Windsor

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Saxmundham Rally 2016

To most of the UK the week in which 23rd June fell will be remembered for the Referendum but to those who attended the GOC Rally at Darsham in Suffolk it will be remembered for a very successful rally at Haw Wood Farm site.

19 units attended and so it was a large gathering in the Club awning on the first evening. Nice to see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones too. The rain did not start until we were all back in the shelter of our units.

Angela and Derek had obviously done their homework when organising the Rally as they provided lots of information on local places of interest including a local butcher whose meat was thoroughly recommended.

The rain continued until late morning and then the sun appeared and everyone made the most of it and went exploring the beautiful Suffolk countryside’s places of interest. We visited Halesworth, calling in at K W Clarke butchers on the way home (as recommended)

The rain started again later in the day so the evening get together was cancelled.

Friday was a lovely day as it remained dry. A few took the opportunity to visit Minsmere the RSPB site. Southwold too was a popular destination as were Snape Maltings and Aldeburgh.

We chose to explore Saxmundham and Leiston which didn’t take too long so we then headed to Sizewell beach and had a lovely walk along the coast enjoying the warmth of the sun and the sea air. Spent a lot of time emptying my shoes once we walked along the shingle beach. We did think that on the next rainy day we would visit the information centre at Sizewell. We didn’t get there but those that did found it interesting.

In the evening a fire pit was provided by the site and we were all able to get the men involved in the cooking. A great selection of meats was being cooked (not sure if all was from KW Clarke but think a good deal was). The steak we had thrown on the fire was absolutely delicious and just melted in the mouth. It was just lovely for us all to be sitting outside round the ‘camp fire’ enjoying good food and great company. Al fresco at its best.

Saturday morning already, where is the week going? Sun was shining but outside the camp shop a rack of wellies appeared in a selection of sizes. These were for the campers to borrow with a request for a small donation being made towards the RNLI. A great idea but fortunately we didn’t need to use even though the rain did appear again by the afternoon.

We explored the lovely bustly town of Woodbridge on the Saturday and enjoyed viewing the shops and listening to buskers, all on a lovely warm sunny morning. The afternoon we headed to Framlingham but by this time the rain was with us again so we just got a feel of the village and headed back to base.

Sunday turned out to be showery so we headed off to have a look at Snape Maltings as we had heard there was plenty of shelter there. Had a lovely day viewing the antiques and home furnishings along with various other outlets based there, not forgetting the concert hall which we were able to peer into as a concert was about to take place. Looked very welcoming.

By 7pm it was a lovely evening which made it a perfect time for the grand raffle. Parcels of all shapes and sizes were placed onto a table and each couple were given a number. Angela was the first to pick as she needed to explain the rules to the uninitiated. She then undid her parcel. The next to choose could then either pick a gift from the table or take one of the already opened articles from someone else. It was a very varied selection of things to choose from and everyone seemed happy with their prize at the end of the day.

A quiz based on who said what was won by Keith and Wendy – well done.

The 27th June was also a day to be remembered by Steve and Yvonne as it was their wedding anniversary – 46 years, well done. Congratulations to you both.

Another reason it was to be remembered, the sun shone all day making it a great day for us to revisit Framlingham and then Aldeburgh both of which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Sadly Sue and Peter had to return home on this day as Sue was not feeling at all well. Hope you are fully better now Sue and already planning your next outing in the Gobur.

As always the get together in the evening was a happy gathering with folk catching up on all the news from old friends and new.

Tuesday, a blue sky, sun and warmth meant everyone was dismantling their awnings and getting them packed away dry. Perfect timing for the last full day.

The evening saw us gathering at The Griffin pub at Yoxford. The room just fitted us perfectly, no room for extras though. It was all a bit chaotic at the start as the staff were obviously coping with a very large number of diners. However they were lovely and cheery as were we all. The food was certainly well worth waiting for and plentiful. I think the vegetable lasagne I ordered was the best I’ve had. It was also Erica’s birthday so we all sang a chorus of Happy Birthday to mark the occasion.

Final day, also Derek’s birthday everyone keen to set off on their journey but not without saying goodbye to fellow campers. It really was an enjoyable rally and the week just flew by. Thank you Angela and Derek Ward and Rosemary and David Aylott for ALL your hard work, you made it look so easy but we’re sure it wasn’t. Well Done.

Terry and Dorothy Windsor

Hawood Farm Caravans, Saxmundham, Suffolk

Wednesday 22nd June to Wednesday 29th June 2016

Organised by Angela and Derek Ward

No of Caravans: 19

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