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An 'american supper' at the Ireland Rally

About the Club

The Gobur Owners’ Club is for the owners of Gobur Caravans and was inaugurated at a rally held in May 1998 at Fakenham Racecourse, Norfolk.

We are a group of like-minded people who own Carousel caravans across the whole range of models and enjoy meeting with each other for fun, food and fellowship. Many strong friendships have developed over the years.

We hold rallies during the year which are widespread throughout the country. We tend to use commercial sites where we can obtain the comforts of electricity and hot water.  The whole theme of these rallies is one of informality and being free to do as you please, and no-one should feel under any obligation to join in all, or indeed any, of the activities and outings should they not wish to do so.  Usually, on the last night of a rally, a meal at a local hostelry is arranged.

As some members are working, rallies are mostly arranged to run from Thursday afternoon to Tuesday morning – five nights in all.  This means that anyone who is working can join us on either Friday evening or Saturday morning, and leave for home on Sunday.

The Club is governed by our Constitution and looked after by a committee of elected officers.  Current annual membership costs also postal costs to cover administration and our bi-annual Carousel News newsletter can be found on the Gobur Owners Club Application Form.

To minimise club printing and postage costs, the club has introduced an element of the the annual subscription called the 'Postal Option'. Members paying for the postal option will have full access to the club website and will also receive by post the Carousel News (twice a year), also the Directory of Members and the forthcoming  Rally Programme.  AGM minutes may be combined with the June edition of the Carousel News and the AGM documents such as the Agenda and Officer Nomination form.

Internet only members have access via the club website to all of the above documents plus other club documents of interest at the time.

If you are an owner of a Gobur Caravan but not yet a member of this club we hope that after a brief tour of this site you would like to find out more and hopefully join us!
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Gobur Owners' Club