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Gobur Owners' Club

One Thousand Nights

21st July 2016

Last month I was in Dorset staying at Charmouth CC&C site was my 1000th

night in my Carousel!!! good use & value for money indeed. Wow thats 2.7

years worth!

Fairy Lights

Night number 1000 and the fairy lights are in the trees to light up the dog walk

through the woods, sadly not to celebrate for me!

On a humorous note in Cornwall one rather mizzley, dull day I went for a walk

from Park head towards Bedruthen Steps on the cliff tops. Walking through a

field of cows I came across this “artistic“ effort ---

Moo Poo

Does this count as one of your 5 a day?!!!!! a delicious “plate” of fruit salad

complete with spoon! some people have amazing imagination to create it.

Am I the only Carouseller to spot these sort of things as the website does not

receive much from others!!!

Hope this is amusing for you all?

Regards Carol West

A Cautionary Tale

30 March 2016

The week before last I set off towing my Carousel, complete with super new carpet (DIY fitted and looking so luxurious) to spend a few days in Essex to visit a school friend. A pitch was booked to make a mini holiday and also explore the coast nearby.

All was going well and the traffic light on a dry Tuesday. A few miles into my journey the car display stated “check trailer left indicator light” then soon after another warning “check trailer brake light” As soon as possible I pulled into a lay by expecting to just give the 13 pin/twin 7 pin lead an extra shove in to get a better connection. However this was not the case-the lead had come loose and trailed on the road!! Need I say more? The sight of two separate shredded ends of mangle wires greeted me.

HORROR, what to do? phone the police? no they would (rightly) ban me from going any further, call the AA? no they would not have a spare lead. Option 3 –go home? no as I would still be driving with no lights on the caravan and did not have a spare lead anyway.

No choice then-carry on fully aware that other road users would not know my intentions or be aware if I braked, knowing that the site was adjacent to a huge accessory shop that surely would have a lead in stock?

Luckily as the traffic was light it was possible to wait for gaps to change lanes etc.

A white knuckle drive found me safely at the site-yes they did have a lead!

After pitching up and erecting the awning etc I checked the damage and decided that it would be easy to cut the damaged lead shorter and rewire it into the trailing socket. There was enough broken end left to be able to identify the colour sequence to each terminal and ask for a refund of my £17.99 lead cost. Job done-easy peasy!!

So the moral is make sure all leads etc, are firmly connected and secure from being able to trail on the road. I certainly will needless to say.

After all of these problems the site was attractive with 2 lakes and inquisitive water birds (see image below) and my stay was well up to expectations.

Carol West.