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Six Metre Rule

4 Mar 2015

Having just had a super 3 week ski holiday in super snowy Switzerland (not in my Carousel this time) – I thought this might interest everyone?


The only time we would see caravans so close in the UK would be in a storage compound!

Carol West.

New Caravan Rally Field

2 Nov 2014

An invitation letter to any members who may be interested in running a rally in Shropshire.

Wharf Caravan Park

We are a small independent caravan site in North Shropshire located adjacent to the Shropshire Union Canal and next to the Wharf Tavern Pub. We have 50 touring pitches mainly hard standing and all with electric hookup.

We now also have an additional separate grass field of approximately 4 acres with water and waste facilities dedicated for caravan rallies.

If our location and facility is of interest to your club holding a rally please do not hesitate to give me a call and I will be happy to provide you with further details.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Sharon Brumpton


01630 661226 (See foot of rally site ideas page)

Gobur Open Day Poem

9 Oct 2014

We have a Gobur Carousel,

A Tardis folding miracle.

An invite to the open day,

Let's hitch up now and on our way.

The M62 and then A1,

The miles they passed and soon were gone.

Onto the flats of Lincolnshire,

Past many a mill and old church spire.

Other Gobur's on the road we saw,

We passed them and then several more.

The A17 we joined in line,

Where Arctic’s 40 limit was a swine.

A148 the satnav said,

Then B eleven ten ahead.

The road was closed so back we went,

Returned to 148 incensed.

Via 148 round Holt were sent,

Almost at Woodlands relief felt.

The site is nice with friends pitched near,

Pizza and chips washed down with beer.

Tomorrow is our factory day,

The dreaded diverts we'll keep away.

Onto the factory for our reviews,

On Goburs old and new to choose.

Richard is our guiding star,

For Gobur Owners near and far.

An annual visit he employs,

To sell his super Gobur toys.

By Russell Felton

Message from Anne and Ted Grummitt

20 Aug 2014

After many Happy years with our Gobur and belonging to the owners club from the beginning, it was a hard decision to release it back into the fold!! We would just like to thank all the many friends that we have made over the years and all the happy times spent in their company, you will all be greatly missed.

The Very Best Wishes to you all,

Anne and Ted Grummitt (Photo Below)

Goodbye Gobur

Message from Brenda Barnes

12 Aug 2014

Brenda is doing well at the half-way point of her treatment and wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

She sends much love from Alan and herself.

Derick and Mary Irving

30 June 2014
Whilst I was at the Sixpenny Handley rally, I had a phone call from Derick Irving. Whilst it is always good to talk to him, it was with great regret that he had to tell me that he and Mary could no longer continue as members of the club.

He has been suffering with a chronic back condition for a number of years and although he has been managing it quite nicely until now, he recently had reason to visit his specialist who advised him – with immediate effect - to take things much more easier so as not to aggravate the condition further. As you all know, due to the very nature of our Carousels, any back problems make life a little tricky when erecting and folding them.

I'm sure you will all join me in thanking Derick and Mary for their considerable contributions to the club. Indeed they are founding members and through all their years of membership have given immense support to us. Mary cannot be thanked enough for all the money she has raised for Richards charities. As a tribute to her, the raffles will continue and always be known as “Marys Raffle”.  Yvonne Jones is going to carry on the good work.

I would, on a personal note, like to thank Derick for his help and advice over the years and for his added contributions when elected President.

We shall miss them both and we wish them a continued retirement with better health and may they look back on their memories with the club with great fondness.

Derek Ward

An email from Russell Felton

26 March 2014

As space is a premium using over door hooks on the top edge of the Gobur wall to hang up lightweight clothes makes more usable space available.  The rear of the hook must be cut back to a quarter of an inch so as not to damage the foam wall seal.


Replacing a punctured tyre.
Having a Gobur with motor movers blocks access to the Alko jacking point. Has anyone come across this problem and how did they get around it to replace the wheel?

Russell Felton

An email from Margaret and Ted Gratten

9 March 2014
Hi everyone,
A very sad day today for us as after 26 years of owning a Carousel age has finally caught up with us and we have just seen our fourth van being towed away on its final journey to Melton Constable.
Unfortunately due to work commitments we were not able to join the Gobur Owners Club when we bought our first Carousel but over the past few years we have been on quite a few rallies, and enjoyed them all. 
We would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to our many friends in the Club and to wish you all good rallying in 2014.
Love and good wishes from,

Margaret (Meg), and Ted Gratten, also Lima (our dog!)

An email from Rod Sparkes

6 November 2013  

I know that one of the advantages of owning a Carousel is that they can be stored in the garage when not in use. Problem is that an awful lot of other stuff can and is stored in my garage so there is no room for our 12/2 slimline.

Has anybody any experience of using a cover like those used by the non-folding fraternity – and know of a source of a suitably sized cover?  I have wondered about ones which fit (say it quietly) folding campers but thought I’d ask before spending out on a misfit.  Hope somebody can help.


Rod Sparkes

Reply to Rod Sparkes email by John Halliday

9 March 2014  

In reply to Rod Sparkes request for information on the Winter Cover for his Gobur, I needed one for mine and spoke to Andrew at Gobur who ordered me a made to measure one from a supplier they deal with, so I finished up with one that fitted perfectly at a good price and short delivery, so recommend speaking to Gobur first.

John Halliday

Gobur's in Europe guide by Dave & Chris Exley

1 July 2013  

Here are a few notes on taking the Gobur into Europe. Where to start:

1st FERRIES:  You pays your money and you make your choice the 2 caravan clubs can always get you competitive prices but the internet is there to use.

2nd CAMPING: In our opinion there is only one choice for campsites and that is the ACSI  system, it is a Dutch company but the books 2 one France Spain & Italy the other the rest of Europe are in English. This year (2013) the sites (over 2500 ) were 12/14/16 euros per night with hook-up, those prices are off-peak so do not include July/August. Instructions for finding the sites are pretty simple to follow and facilities are well documented. Just input; incidentally the Camping & Caravan Club use ACSI as their site system.

3rd MONIES : This is your own choice we personally use SAGA credit card some others do not charge for overseas purchases and where the site takes credit cards (most do) it is stated in the site details also we have euros for day to day spend.

ROAD TRAVEL: Europe is well served with motorways some are tolls with windscreen stickers for Austria Switzerland & Slovenia but Belgium Luxembourg and Germany are free

So finally get the ACSI books and enjoy.

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