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It has often been quoted that Club Rallies are the life blood of the club. On this page you can view photos and read reports of the latest rallies or look up a rally that has happened previously. Thinking ahead, you can see the rallies that are planned for next year.
Gobur Owners' Club
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There is always a requirement for new rally organisers. Organising and running a rally is not particularly difficult - perhaps the hardest task is finding a suitable site to run the rally. On the Rally Sites Ideas page there is a list of possible sites. In the Club's Rally Guidelines ,advice is offered on choosing a caravan site. There is also help on designing a booking form, rally administration, rally activities you may want to run, plus many other subjects are covered in the Guidelines.
With the hope of encouraging more people to have a go at running a rally I thought I would share Keithís and my experiences.

Firstly, I certainly do not profess to be an expert (we have only run 3 rallies with another lined up for next year), plus everyone who runs a rally deserves a pat on the back, however they arrange it and the choice is of course, theirs.

My other half Keith is as much part of the rally as myself and without him it wouldnít go ahead, but the organisation I do and that is why I am writing this.

Being `keep it simple` sort of people, we made a few changes to the norm and found these invaluable in making the whole experience a lot easier so I will list below


The tradition has always been to collect a deposit from everyone then later on collect the balance.  By doing this you have to keep a good record of what is going on.  Money going in and out of your account.  Making sure you pay the site owner.

We wanted to get away from this, so last year, this year and next yearís rally we have got the sites to agree to take deposits and the balance is paid on arrival by each member.  This way the only money we deal with is the `rally fee`. 


Same again more or less.  Get restaurant to agree to everyone paying for their own meal (they would have to do that if separate couples came in).  This again saves collecting money from people and having the burden of being responsible for a load of cash.


We cannot take credit for this one, Keith Wilkinson was the first person I know to have done it.

Change coffee mornings to `coffee evenings`.  This way if you want to get out early you can, or if you want a lay-in you can.  This benefits the members and rally organisers alike.  This way you can all meet up at night and have a good chat.


Our rallies are on the small side and thatís how we like them.  Other brave souls have unlimited numbers, but that isnít for usÖ..less work.


We have enjoyed running our rallies and of course enjoyed attending others. We all have different ideas and some people have really surpassed themselves at arranging different activities on their rallies.  As lovely as these things are, you donít have to feel you have to do the same, you can keep it really simple, like we do.  After all, the main objective is getting a group of us together for a relaxing time.

One activity that is common to all rallies is coffee mornings for 20+  members.  The club has two urns which can be borrowed. The Urn Page shows who has requested an urn and for which rally. To request an urn contact the webmaster or a member of the committee (click here). The urns are normally transported via a member attending your rally and the last rally to use the particular urn.

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