GWR Helston Layout Details

in 3mm scale


What images does the name Helston conjure up?

The Furry Dance? 

Terry Wogan? 

In railway terms it could boast having the most southernly railway station in the British Isles,the first bus service operated by the Great Western Railway but - sadly - the first branch line to close in Cornwall. Designed as a through Station the line was never extended to the Lizard, instead a bus service was provided. The railway certainly tried to provide a service to the community but closure to Passenger traffic came on 5 November 1962. Within two years the Goods traffic had ceased and the line was gone forever. 

The layout is an accurate model based upon a series of articles by Mr Pat English published in Model Railway News, between January and November 1967. The period modelled is 1946 - 49. Research, together with building has taken well over FIFTEEN years to accomplish with information continually being received. The layout is fully signalled with working signals and is operated to an original timetable (displayed) covering a full weekday. 

All stock used are fitted with B & B automatic magnetic couplings which hopefully will amaze you!

The layout has been featured in "Railway Modeller" (November '90) and "British Railway Modelling" (April '94) and included as an appendix in a book entitled "The Helston Branch Railway" published by Oakwood Press. In-Focus Video Productions have produced a complete Video from construction to exhibiting HELSTON, which is now available. 

So you have seen the layout - why not read the Book OR see the Video!. If you remember HELSTON and can assist, please speak with the Operator who will also be pleased to answer any questions about the layout.

Please click here to view drawing of Layout