The family tree and history recorded on these pages are the results of research carried out over many years. Many people have helped along the way, not least my own family, who have been a priceless source of information, and my thanks go to them for their help and patience.

My thanks to the staff of the Suffolk Record Office in Lowestoft and Ipswich, the Norfolk Record Office in Norwich, and the Devon Record Office in Exeter who have been so helpful.

Years ago I visited the Borough Cemetery, Penzance, hoping to trace my Grandfather's grave. I do not know the gentleman's name whom I met there but he led me to his office and looked up the burial in dusty old files and then took me to the unmarked grave. I have always appreciated his kind assistance.

In researching my family tree and history I have met many interesting, helpful and kind people.  Just occasionally a meeting may have unexpected and surprising results.  At the 2005 SoG Family History Show in London I got talking the good folk manning the Cornwall FHS stand and it turned out that I was distantly related to one of them.  We had a common ancestry in a couple who married in Cornwall in 1719. Such occasions are icing on the cake.



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