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This page has been created as a place to link websites describing cycle trips from Land's End to John o'Groats, or vice versa, that follow a route that goes to the eastern side of the Pennines.

Most people who cycle the End to End journey follow a route that travels to the west side of the Pennines, apparently because that is the established route that most people and organisations recommend and promote.

Also, at first sight, the eastern route appears to be far longer than keeping to the West, but in actual fact, depending on where you go, it is not that much further. Even very far eastern routes only add about 80 to 120 miles to the distance that most western routes do, as the UK is not actually very wide.

Accounts of the western routes often seem to mention unappealing industrial and urbanised sections in the northwest of England and these are avoided by an eastern route.

However, going East and keeping on the Pennines involves more hill climbing, and more remote country, which are factors to consider.

Some routes go further east of the Pennines themselves and find easier country and historic places to visit. They may even be the driest routes of all, on average, as rain coming from the west often empties on the high Pennines before getting to the east. Remember, however, that luck is the biggest factor as to what weather you get and it can come from the east as well!!

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My Ultimate Links List of Land's End to John o'Groats Cycle Trips has links to over 200 End to End Trips by all routes, if you would like to compare the western routes

There are now a few web pages on this website that I have created for people who have emailed me accounts of their trips. Please email me if you would like your own account put on a similar page here. Links 62 & 63 on the main list are examples.

If you read plenty of accounts you will find advice and gems of information in all of them, and be able to decide on the best way of undertaking the trip that will suit you.

If any links don't work, especially the older ones, then the sites may have been scrapped by their owners. They can often still be seen by entering their http address at the following link:

The link was kindly sent to me by Ben Barker - 'It's a web archive going back to 1996, and with it I was quickly able to view almost all of the down links.'

----- ADVERT - - For a stopover 70 Miles from Inverness and 52 from John o'Groats


The Eastern Route End to End List


----- East of The Pennines Route - My own LE to J o'G site through the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks and Northumberland, was only 968 miles. The site has sections about how we planned the trip, including hints, tips and web links, which I hope might be useful for anyone thinking of doing the trip by any route.

243. US Cyclist Does UK - William Thompson has done 2 trips in 2005 & 2006, as well as visiting other parts of the world at his Global Travel page - His 2006 journey kept well to the east of the Pennine hills and so was less hilly

239. Jerry Anderson's East of Pennines Route, May 2006 - The route went through Meriden, England's central point - Detailed account with route improvements over my own trip

211. LEJoG May 2006 for Saxon Wood School - A 13 day Route to the East of The Pennines - Lots of determination to finish through bad weather - Full maps - Improves my route by going through Meriden.

173. Britain SEWN Up Cycle 2004 - LE to Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan to Jo'G - 1400 miles taking in the most Easterly and Westerly points of the British Isles - A great trip! Using much of Ron Strutt's Routes
Site has a good route map showing the high bits of the UK

138. D2D 2003 - Dover to Durness, a different end to end - The pictures on this site show they picked a great route, going as far east as Beverley.

137. JOG.LE.04 - Anup Biswas & Pete Richardsons' 915 mile JoGLE Eastern route via Thirsk, York, Doncaster and Nottingham

136. Dr Pepperdionysus - Route by three men on 'cheap and nasty mountain bikes' (their words!), who camped the eastern route.

120. Cycling for Life - Ambitious fundraising via a route passing through Keighley, West Yorkshire. 3 man team supported by a van.

111. Ron Strutt's - Ron has done 3 End to Ends, including a '4 Sides' route including the most Easterly and Westerly UK points, on his 'My End to End Routes' page

93. Ride For Life - A JoGLE - John o'Groats to Land's End eastern route

64. Bike Tours Great British Bike Ride - August 2001 trip organised for 60 people camping - Excellent site by John Ennor, which thoroughly details a good 1099 miles route that goes as far east as York

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